Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, November 30, 2015


Hey it has been a pretty good week. I am more settled and feel more relaxed. So far I haven't been bit yet by the bedbugs.  I hope it stays that way. I've been actually very very clean. I haven't left any clothes on the ground or I haven't left dishes when I saw how dumpy it was when I arrived.   I guess I just wanted to stay really clean. It snowed here a little bit as well.  Its been really cold walking In it all day and my companion isn't a big fan of it because he's from Arizona.  Anyway, my companion and I have a lot in common.  He loves sports, basketball,football (especially BYU), and  his dad is an engineer and went to BYU, and he was born in Payson which is pretty much in Provo while his dad was at BYU like me.

It was a pretty good Thanksgiving.  We had a turkey bowl with all the elders in the zone in the snow and freezing cold wind.  It was miserable but fun. After that we played some basketball and dodgeball for awhile. Then when we got back home we played more basketball so I was way sore the next morning. We ate dinner at a members house in the Ensign Peak Ward.  They had a big fancy house with an amazing view of the salt lake valley. It was a delicious meal and they are super nice.

The Jazz stadium is in my area too, so we pass it quite a bit and temple square. The lights are really cool. We walk past it often, but we haven't gone in yet.   I think we can teach lessons there and take people so we will probably go a few times.

Oh yeah yesterday we met a pretty cool person. Me and Elder Vause were in the chapel before sacrament meeting started and a guy walked past and said "hi" to us and then kept walking in through the hallway, and we said "hi" back and didn't think anything of it. Then a couple seconds
later we were like wait was that.... Then a few minutes later a guy came up to us and said he just shook hands with elder Quentin L. Cook!  It was him, and that was his home ward but they say he comes like every 6 months because he's always across the country or doing different things. Anyway, he sat up on the stand then he gave a testimony. He said "If I could add anything to what has been said, I would say to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ."  He bore a strong testimony of Him and said "I am His witness. I know His voice and I know His face."  It was really good. The spirit there was very very strong.  It was awesome to hear him speak. Afterwards we got to say hi again
and shake his hand.  He seems like a really nice guy it was really cool.  Then the week before this we met Senator Hatch and he had body guards at every doorway in the chapel.  It was so cool.

Well yeah I'm still doing good and love meeting and talking with the people here. It's a great place. Things are kind of slow as far as teaching but we are working hard to find people. Things will start to
pick up. I'm enjoying it here and am happy! Can't wait to here from you next week and to hear how the cousin party goes. Oh and I guess everything you send to the mission office even letters. Alright well see ya thanks for all you do for me.
Elder Cannon

A  lot of people have asked if we are related to the
Salt Lake Cannons.  It's a pretty famous name down here I guess and in the church.
Also in the stake center here Angus Cannon's picture is in it.  I guess
he was a stake president there and for almost 30 years it was cool!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week One

Well it has been quite the first week here. I got assigned to the Salt
Lake City stake zone which is by Capitol Hill and temple square.  I can
see both from my apartment so that's really cool. I guess it's the
oldest existing stake in the church today. It's a really cool area and
in the heart of downtown  Salt Lake City.

Yeah my companion is elder Vause.  He's from Tuscan Arizona.  He's been
out for 17 months. He is easy to get along with and very smart and
obedient so he's been good. When I first got to the apartment it was
so bad! There was junk all over the place, the bathroom was sick, the
room was messy, it was just bad. There's even bed bugs in the bed.  We
killed 5 in the frame of my bed, and so we sprayed the mattress and
frame and everything so that's been crazy! He's even been bit a few
times since I've been here. Today we cleaned the place up more so it
feels and looks nicer.  He said his companion was a slob so that's why
it was so bad.

Yeah the adjustment has been tough. It's been overwhelming and really
weird to change your lifestyle and habits instantly, but I'm doing
good and staying positive. I've found out that I am definitely
happiest when I am talking and interacting with the people here in
Salt Lake. There is a lot of wonderful people here that I enjoy being
around with and care about.  It's so weird because a few days ago I
would definitely not say that's what brings the most joy but it's
true. Oh and it's also been really cool because I sang hymns and have
been saying prayers without really stress. It's felt so good to be
free! I can already tell I've been changing and growing this last week
a lot, and that I am being blessed to be out here.  I've felt great
talking and interacting with people.  It's really been amazing and the
power of prayer Is real.

I have a story on that. So on Sunday me and elder Vause went to talk
to a hospital branch like a retirement home type of place, and you
remember how I told you that I was pretty nervous to speak in
sacrament.  Well I was. Anyways I still prepared a talk and I had it on
prayer. I just pretty much said how important it is and the power it
can bring into our lives. So I prepared most of the talk and then just
wanted to find a story on it. Well I didn't find anything and it's
time for church. We are sitting in sacrament meeting and I still was
trying to think of a story. I thought about Ryan's story with his
accident when he was little but I didn't know it well enough so I
decided not to. Then about a minute before I had to come up I thought
about how it wouldn't be possible what I'm doing now and how far I've
came without prayer and help from God. So I went through my talk  about
6 minutes in then I decided to talk about that. I don't remember how I
said it just that I've struggled with speaking in school and church
not being able to talk all my life and how I couldn't be speaking to
you today without prayer and the strength it's given me. I told them,
to never underestimate the power of prayer and have that be something
woven into your lives. The part About this that I hate is that I
really started to cry pretty bad In front of everyone while bearing
testimony of that. The spirit was very strong and I also was just
really nervous and that probably triggered it too. After the meeting
so many of the people came up and were giving me hugs saying that I
will be an amazing missionary and to keep trusting in the lord and
that the spirit I had was very strong. The spirit there was undeniable
and  even though I didn't want to cry I think there was a reason I
talked about that and touched them. I really didn't enjoy that but I
think that's what was suppose to be said, so yeah that was quite the

That's good to hear that all seems to be doing well in Elwood, and
that was really nice of Jim to do that. Did you and mikayla end up playing
games then? I've missed doing that. And it's been tough being away from home
but I'll survive and get use to it.

Sorry that was all over and I probably didn't answer half of your
questions but just know I'm doing good and I am happy. I am happy to
be here and to serve these great people of Salt Lake City. Thanks for
all you've done for me, I can't wait to hear from you next week bye.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Drop-off

Jacob received his mission call 6 weeks ago and eagerly anticipated the day he would leave on his mission.  He was called to serve a two-transfer (12 week) mission in Salt Lake City.  He didn't go to the MTC.  Instead he had skype training with a teacher from the MTC.  He really enjoyed that.  Jacob also went through the Brigham City temple to receive his endowments a month before he left.

The departure date was Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  We drove him to a church in Salt Lake where the mission was having transfer day meals and meetings.  I liked the drop off better than the MTC.  When we arrived at the church, he was greeted by several senior missionary sisters who helped him get his badge on and get settled.  They told him he would have a lot of grandmas taking care of him and they told us he would be in good hands.  We stayed long enough for the other new missionaries to arrive with the mission president.  They had been in the MTC and arrived in Salt Lake the night before.  We met his mission president and wife, President and Sister Spendlove.  They were so nice and helpful.  We took a picture of Jacob with them while they were trying to get their mission camera to work.  Then we left him there to begin his adventure.  It is always hard to say goodbye, but we look forward to the experiences he will be having.