Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas

Well the transfer board came in!! I am going to the Cannon Zone! I think that's so awesome that I get to go to that zone!! My companion is Elder Picard, and we are whitewashing into an area, there are sisters there right now. It should be pretty exciting. The area is the liberty area, and it's right around where the mission office is, so where you dropped me off is where I will be now. It should be pretty fun. I'm nervous, but also excited.

Christmas was pretty good. It was fun to skype you guys and to see how it was going. Seeing dad be a goofball hearing him try to be chewbacca with everyone around-ha.  After that we just ate all day and then went caroling with the zone that night. It was a pretty fun day definitely different though.

That sounds like a pretty sweet Christmas! They all got spoiled. Oh and thanks for the package I loved it. I have already eaten all of that macaroni it was great!

Yeah nothing too new happened since Christmas except one of those new investigators that we picked up opened up and said he is not comfortable in his own body. That he feels better about being a female, and wants to go through with a surgery to change that. He asked how the church feels about that, and we just had to be honest about it. In the end no one was offended, and it went well.
Other than that it's the same old stuff, just packing up and getting ready for Wednesday.
Yeah next week I should have a lot of new stuff to talk about.  I will talk to you then bye.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas:

First picture--Thanks for the tree you sent.  It was funny to have our presents around it.
Second picture--That was a single guy that wanted us over and fed us a TON of food on Christmas!  It was pretty fun.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My first slammed door

That is good to hear that you are all doing well. That has got to be
fun having everyone home for Christmas. How did they both do on their
finals? I like hearing all the things you guys are up to and working
on. It has been weird not being home with all the Christmas stuff
going on. I didn't realize how much I miss just doing the simple
things during Christmas time, but I'm really doing good and couldn't
be happier.

Things are going good, and there is a lot of Christmas excitement
around. Nothing too new happened here. We did get another new
investigator that seems really nice, and we are meeting him tomorrow,
so that is exciting. Also at church yesterday a lady was
storming down the hallway yelling that we are racist and swearing like
crazy over and over! She luckily did walk out, but it was kind of an
insane incident ha. Talking about that I also had my first rejection
we knocked on the wrong door and this guy answered and said "oh
brethren I have had a gut full of your crap" and slammed the door
before we could say a thing it was crazy. I felt bad, but I didn't
take it personally. It was just something to laugh about and write in
the journal.

I got your package thanks for that. I haven't opened the presents yet
but loved all the food thank you. We had a multi zone Christmas party
that was pretty much all day. There was a fireside, music, skits, we
had lunch, played games, and at the end picked up our packages.  It was
a pretty fun day. I have a picture of our district at the party that I
will send you, also the one from the temple. Oh and we saw Elder Quentin L. Cook
again just sitting out in the hallway.  It was pretty cool. You never
know who you will see. Other than that everything is pretty much the
same. I really am enjoying it, and love serving these people. That's
my favorite part is meeting all these new people.  There are some great
ones here. I wish I didn't have to leave this area so soon, but it'll
be all good. I am excited to meet new people wherever it is that I go.

Oh yeah so for the call on Christmas is suppose to be 40 minutes, and
I'm not sure on the time exactly, but it'll most likely be late
morning early afternoon. I will email you before and let you know.
Also I was going to send the watch today but there wasn't enough time
so I'll do that next week probably.
Thanks for all you've done, and for the Christmas package I hope you
all have fun! I'll talk to you on Christmas bye!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Stake Conference

Hey things are going pretty good! We finally did teach one of the investigators yesterday. The other guy we met at the ward party never did answer our calls- it was too bad. Yeah I've seen him (the mission president) quite a bit. We had a few meetings last week for all the trainers and people getting trained,and he did the training.  It was good. Also we had interviews last week with him. I was doing good and didn't really have anything bothering me so it was only 10 minutes, and they are suppose to be 20, but I didn't mind. I found some things out though. After this transfer I have to go to a different area in the mission and have a new companion. That's the rule I guess, to see how I handle a different setup. It kind of stinks because I'm just getting use to it here, but oh well. Also he's not sure if I will have to come home in between because I've been endowed.  It still not a sure thing what's going to happen. Then I guess there is sister that also has selective mutism, and this is her 2nd transfer, and she just got her call to Canada so that was good.

We also got to have a temple day on Thursday. Our zone all went to the temple it was so good, and that temple is huge. We took a picture, but I haven't got it yet, so I'll send it when I do.

This week has been actually really slow. We did finally meet with a new investigator last night at temple square. We had a really good visit and got to know her a little better. The main thing that's
holding her back is that she's living with her boyfriend, and not sure if marriage is something they want right now. It's kind of frustrating, but we are just doing what we can. She said she also
struggles with prayer and reading, like knowing if it really works. I did share about prayer and how I couldn't be out here without it talking and a little bit oh my story, also I shared a scripture and
how it helped me one time. It was a good visit and the Spirit was there. She said she felt inspired, we gave her a section in the Book of Mormon to study and pray about, and we are meeting with her again this week. So that was pretty exciting.

Yesterday I got the opportunity again to hear from an apostle Elder Ballard! Our stake had a special stake conference.  We heard from our stake president first, then the Salt Lake City temple president Samuelson, and last from Elder Ballard. It was all really really good. Elder Ballard especially was very strong. He said this Christmas time spend some time in Gethsemane with Christ. Be there with Him, and try to comprehend all that He has done for you. Then to think of what we could giveback to Him. What would put a smile on our Saviors face?  He said the greatest gift we could give Him, after all He's done for us, is to bring a soul unto Him. He challenged everyone to find someone that's struggling between  now and Christmas and to bring them to Christ. He said you never are too old or too tired to share the gospel, and if you are then, "get over it".  It was pretty intense ha. It was a really good talk though. So I challenge you guys to find the family or person that is struggling, and reach out and love them and bring them to Christ. It is the least we could do for Him.

It's good to be here and everything is going good. I am enjoying it here, and it's really flying by! I sometimes get scared to share my testimony and speak up, but I try to remind myself that my time here is short and I shouldn't hold back what I came to give. I want to leave it all out here and do my part. I can't wait to here from you next week bye, and merry Christmas.
Elder cannon

P.S.   A member took us onto the roof of a high rise and this was the view. It was amazing. Our apartment would just be out of this picture. It is left from the Capitol building.

Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey! We are getting a haircut right now in City Creek, and guess who I bumped into? David DeBry!  It was crazy- ha- we took a picture and he said he'd send it to you. He was probably on lunch break I bet.

 Well the work has been picking up lately. We were at a ward Christmas party and a guy came up to me and said there is a guy outside who just came up to me on the streets and started to ask about the gospel. It was weird, and weird how they found us.  Either way we are going to start teaching the guy this week sometime so it's exciting. Then also at church yesterday a less active man we met once saw us at church and introduced his girlfriend that's not a member and we are meeting with them tomorrow. It's exciting, and we've got some new investigators now it makes me happy. I am doing good and really am enjoying it here. My companion said that he's noticed when I say something during a lesson or message that he can tell its from the heart and that I mean it. It's true it has been kinda tough to share a story or how I think I'm still a little nervous at doing that, but when I do say something I do mean it and it's from the heart. I hope to keep improving.

Anyways you guys should come see the lights they are great. We walk past quite a bit and took a recent convert through the other day. Oh a funny story we left our apartment and we were crossing the street and some neighbor kids that love to mess and torment with the missionaries started throwing snowballs at us while at the crosswalk. While we were crossing a car pulled up and yelled at them, saying "stop throwing snowballs at the missionaries they are the servants of the lord!!"  It was intense but the kids did stop. I was a little embarrassed because it looked like we were little kids that couldn't stand up for ourselves, but at the same time it was nice because they stopped ha. I'm doing great and I'm happy to be here can't wait to hear from you next week bye.
Here is a picture a restaurant owner (and missionary mom herself) sent to us.