Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas

Well the transfer board came in!! I am going to the Cannon Zone! I think that's so awesome that I get to go to that zone!! My companion is Elder Picard, and we are whitewashing into an area, there are sisters there right now. It should be pretty exciting. The area is the liberty area, and it's right around where the mission office is, so where you dropped me off is where I will be now. It should be pretty fun. I'm nervous, but also excited.

Christmas was pretty good. It was fun to skype you guys and to see how it was going. Seeing dad be a goofball hearing him try to be chewbacca with everyone around-ha.  After that we just ate all day and then went caroling with the zone that night. It was a pretty fun day definitely different though.

That sounds like a pretty sweet Christmas! They all got spoiled. Oh and thanks for the package I loved it. I have already eaten all of that macaroni it was great!

Yeah nothing too new happened since Christmas except one of those new investigators that we picked up opened up and said he is not comfortable in his own body. That he feels better about being a female, and wants to go through with a surgery to change that. He asked how the church feels about that, and we just had to be honest about it. In the end no one was offended, and it went well.
Other than that it's the same old stuff, just packing up and getting ready for Wednesday.
Yeah next week I should have a lot of new stuff to talk about.  I will talk to you then bye.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas:

First picture--Thanks for the tree you sent.  It was funny to have our presents around it.
Second picture--That was a single guy that wanted us over and fed us a TON of food on Christmas!  It was pretty fun.

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