Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey! We are getting a haircut right now in City Creek, and guess who I bumped into? David DeBry!  It was crazy- ha- we took a picture and he said he'd send it to you. He was probably on lunch break I bet.

 Well the work has been picking up lately. We were at a ward Christmas party and a guy came up to me and said there is a guy outside who just came up to me on the streets and started to ask about the gospel. It was weird, and weird how they found us.  Either way we are going to start teaching the guy this week sometime so it's exciting. Then also at church yesterday a less active man we met once saw us at church and introduced his girlfriend that's not a member and we are meeting with them tomorrow. It's exciting, and we've got some new investigators now it makes me happy. I am doing good and really am enjoying it here. My companion said that he's noticed when I say something during a lesson or message that he can tell its from the heart and that I mean it. It's true it has been kinda tough to share a story or how I think I'm still a little nervous at doing that, but when I do say something I do mean it and it's from the heart. I hope to keep improving.

Anyways you guys should come see the lights they are great. We walk past quite a bit and took a recent convert through the other day. Oh a funny story we left our apartment and we were crossing the street and some neighbor kids that love to mess and torment with the missionaries started throwing snowballs at us while at the crosswalk. While we were crossing a car pulled up and yelled at them, saying "stop throwing snowballs at the missionaries they are the servants of the lord!!"  It was intense but the kids did stop. I was a little embarrassed because it looked like we were little kids that couldn't stand up for ourselves, but at the same time it was nice because they stopped ha. I'm doing great and I'm happy to be here can't wait to hear from you next week bye.
Here is a picture a restaurant owner (and missionary mom herself) sent to us.

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