Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, January 25, 2016

Two Weeks Left

Hey how is it going? It sounds like things are still going good. Things here are still moving quickly. We have a baptism this Saturday and then one the week after that too. They will be the first baptisms that I have been apart of, and I am really excited for both of them. They both understand very well why we get baptized and where they want to end up. Both of their goals is the temple. They want to be with their families forever. There isn't much better of a feeling than seeing people have the temple be their goal. We haven't even had to teach them they were both ready and are super excited. The baptism this Saturday is for a lady named Monica, and I am the one who gets to baptize her. It is pretty exciting, and I am just really happy for her. She has made some big time sacrifices to get to this. Last week we taught her about tithing and it was hard to teach. I knew that they struggle and that she has a baby living at the hospital. Her budget is very tight. Anyways we taught her the lesson showed her a video, and she said that she knew that she needed to do it. She is such a great example of trusting in the lord. Then the baptism for next Saturday is for a guy named Steven. He is what people sometimes call the "golden investigator". He is just really prepared, and in tune with the spirit. We had a lesson last week and he was saying he would do anything to be married in the temple for eternity and to be with his family. Both of these people are just ready. The lord has prepared them, and all we did is help it click and they were ready. It has been such a great experience just to watch them come closer to Christ, and realize what they really truly want.

Well I got the evaluations the other day, and it should be about a week now until I know where I am heading. The last sister who had selective mutism got to skype home opening the call, so I might be doing the same thing. She went home though for a few days and had to go to the mtc. I don't want to do that if it is possible. Hopefully I just get sent off from here, and not have to worry about it. We will see what happens I guess whatever it is it'll be fine. I'm really excited to see where I am heading!

It is weird to think I just have 2 more weeks here, and then I'll be gone. I have really enjoyed my time here, and it'll be nice when I get home being so close to see the people down here. Seeing people make changes in their lives, and coming to Christ is such a great feeling. Watching Monica and Steven want so badly to be baptized so that they can go to the temple someday is priceless. It makes being out here all worth it it's so amazing! I'm doing good, and working hard. We have a lot of work, and I love doing it. I'll talk to you next week and I may have my call by then!

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Investigator

Things up here are going pretty good! One of our investigators on date fell through.  Her dad wants her to be older and understand what it is exactly that she's doing. It made sense, and it's very reasonable, but it is still sad to see because she seemed really excited about it. But on a more happy note we got another new investigator and he is excited to be baptized. He said that he has felt like something is missing in his life and maybe it's religion. He also has a girlfriend that's a member and has been helping him pray and read. He really was interested, and he said his life has just been brighter and happier since doing that, and I feel like he truly has real intent. He was a pretty solid guy. We have him on date to be baptized February 6th!! We have had a ton of meetings the last week, and man I love meetings (not), but they have been really good. We had a zone conference on Wednesday that was 8 hours! It was so long, but they said a lot of great stuff. President Spendlove and his wife did the training, and the main topic was are we a servant or a friend of the savior? A servant has to be here, and a friend wants to be here because he loves the lord. It was really good, and a great reminder to always remember why I am out here.

This is a great area down here, and I do love these people. Evaluations should be going out this week sometime, and then a week after that he said I should have my call, so it's getting to the end.  I am going to miss it here, but I am excited to see where I can serve next. It is crazy to think that I am already half way done with this transfer-time does fly. I feel great, and I haven't been very stressed at all. I don't try to bring up why I'm serving in Utah or the 2 transfers, but when people ask and I tell them they all say they would've had no idea that I had problems in speaking. I am really getting blessed to be out here, and I know that if I keep doing my part the Lord will do his and help me out. Thanks for the email it's good to hear how Elwood life is I'll talk to you next week bye.

Oh and thank you for the treats and shirts. My companion loved that you said to share.  He has been loving the snacks ha.

Here is a picture from our training.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 2 in the Cannon Zone

Well this second week in the Cannon zone has been pretty crazy again. We had exchanges on Wednesday, and man that was quite the experience to say the least.  So my companion went with the district leader, and I got his companion with me. I had to lead out find all the people's addresses, take the lead in introducing ourselves, and set up appointments. It was a very good experience for me, and I really wasn't stressed.  It was really a great experience.  Also this week we have got 2 people on date to get baptized!! It was the greatest feeling to have them say yes. The first lady has a couple kids, and she's a single mom. Her ex husband abused her, and was very controlling. She has 4 kids, and one of them has Down's syndrome living in the hospital on a respirator. He has been there his whole life 16 months, it's so sad. She has to work too, and really struggles.   Anyway,  so me and my companion were doing weekly planning and going through each person talking about them, and what are plans are for each of them. We came across her and read her description. She wants to be baptized, but felt like she doesn't know enough yet. I found the video "you know enough." We showed that to her, and it hit her like a rock. She started to cry, then my companion asked her to be baptized and she said yes!  It was one of the happiest moments I've felt on mission. It was such a neat experience.
     There was also this little girl that was super excited to hear from us. We taught her the lesson, and asked her to be baptized and she was very excited and said yes! So did her little brother that was 7 ha,
just one more year and he can. It was a great week, and we feel like the walking all day knocking on people's doors for the last week is finally paying off. I made a comment the other day saying that this is like a hunt you walk and walk, and when you finally get someone to teach or get baptized it'll make it even more enjoyable and worth the walk ha. This is a great area and I'm really enjoying serving here. It is pretty sketchy and we see all sorts of weird things every day, but I love it.  Things are great and I'm loving it. I blessed the sacrament yesterday for the first time, helped teach gospel principles, and said a prayer in sacrament meeting. I am changing a lot. I am not anywhere near perfect or where I want to be, but I try my best, keep praying, and compared to where I was it's pretty miraculous. I hope all keeps going well back home. I'll talk to you next week bye.
Elder Picard and Elder Cannon

Monday, January 4, 2016

New area

Oh wow that sounds like you guys have had a crazy Insane week!! More
exciting than mine -ha!  Well transfers were Wednesday and man it's been crazy. My companion is Elder Picard and he is from Starkville, Mississippi and he's been out for 6 months. He is a really nice guy, and is funny and easy to get along with. He loves hunting and fishing just like I do, so it's been really easy to get along with him and have a good time talking.  Oh yeah and I thought my last apartment was messy-holy cow you should've seen this one! It was a pig sty!  We got it mostly all cleaned up now so that's good.
      It has definitely been tougher to do work with how little we know. We just have been walking like crazy, and knocking doors trying to get to know investigators and people the sisters were teaching. The liberty stake here, also just had boundary change ups and had to combine wards, because there wasn't enough people in each ward for positions.  Salt Lake City really doesn't have very many members here. Someone told us that only 30 percent of the people In the stake boundaries are members, and that only 1/3 of those are active members. So about 10% of the people here in this stake are active church goers, that's pretty crazy for Utah.   I had no idea it was this bad. It makes for lots of work for us though! It's awesome! I have already met lots of really great people, and I know this is where I need to be. This has already been a great experience starting new with someone in a new area, and I can tell I have already changed a lot since I first left. People that have asked like why I'm in Utah, or why I'm just here for 3 months, and tell them about my selective mutism always say they have no clue.  They say I seem perfectly normal, and would have no idea that I'm even shy, so that's been great to hear.   This has been so great, and I'm really excited to see where I'll be next.  Thanks for all the prayers that you have for me.  It is helping a lot.  I hope things settle down a little bit in the Cannon household.   I'll talk to you next week bye.