Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Investigator

Things up here are going pretty good! One of our investigators on date fell through.  Her dad wants her to be older and understand what it is exactly that she's doing. It made sense, and it's very reasonable, but it is still sad to see because she seemed really excited about it. But on a more happy note we got another new investigator and he is excited to be baptized. He said that he has felt like something is missing in his life and maybe it's religion. He also has a girlfriend that's a member and has been helping him pray and read. He really was interested, and he said his life has just been brighter and happier since doing that, and I feel like he truly has real intent. He was a pretty solid guy. We have him on date to be baptized February 6th!! We have had a ton of meetings the last week, and man I love meetings (not), but they have been really good. We had a zone conference on Wednesday that was 8 hours! It was so long, but they said a lot of great stuff. President Spendlove and his wife did the training, and the main topic was are we a servant or a friend of the savior? A servant has to be here, and a friend wants to be here because he loves the lord. It was really good, and a great reminder to always remember why I am out here.

This is a great area down here, and I do love these people. Evaluations should be going out this week sometime, and then a week after that he said I should have my call, so it's getting to the end.  I am going to miss it here, but I am excited to see where I can serve next. It is crazy to think that I am already half way done with this transfer-time does fly. I feel great, and I haven't been very stressed at all. I don't try to bring up why I'm serving in Utah or the 2 transfers, but when people ask and I tell them they all say they would've had no idea that I had problems in speaking. I am really getting blessed to be out here, and I know that if I keep doing my part the Lord will do his and help me out. Thanks for the email it's good to hear how Elwood life is I'll talk to you next week bye.

Oh and thank you for the treats and shirts. My companion loved that you said to share.  He has been loving the snacks ha.

Here is a picture from our training.

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