Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, February 29, 2016

Last week of MTC

We didn't get a letter today from Elder Cannon, but we got an early morning phone call from the airport as he was preparing to fly to North Carolina.

He was excited to be heading to the mission field again.  He said the last day at the MTC was a challenging one for him.  He was in charge of conducting and teaching his district about revelation through the Book of Mormon.  After doing that he was surprised when he was asked to speak in the Sacrament Meeting.  He wasn't really prepared since he had spent so much time preparing for his other meeting.  He was asked to speak about enduring to the end.  He said he shared the example of his Grandma Robinette taking care of Grandpa.

This morning he left the MTC at 3:30 a.m. and was traveling with 5 elders and 7 sisters to Charlotte.  We look forward to hearing from him next week.

We did get an email from his mission this morning that said they prefer postal mail and packages go directly to the apartment he is living in rather than the mission home.  However, they said they recommend you don't send packages the week before transfers in case he is moved.  We will keep you updated when we receive that information.

Here are a few pictures from his last few days at the MTC.

Proud Cannon in front of George Q. Cannon building

Good friends

Friday, February 26, 2016

MTC-Week 2

Yeah the time here is just about out now. It has been pretty great this week.  They got my mission destination  straightened out and it is all good now, and I am leaving Monday morning from the MTC at 3:30. The flight is at like 6 something, so if you want me to call it will be pretty early. I am also the travel group leader, so I have to make sure everyone gets there safely that should be exciting- ha.

Yeah I am getting used to it here now, and it has been a great experience. One of the elders in the district went home yesterday.  It was pretty tough because we all became pretty close, so now we are in a trio with Elder Bright. I get along with them really well, and it is great. It has been so awesome to see Elder Johnson and really everyone in the district grow from the first day. My time in Salt Lake wasn't a waste, but I really wish that I would've been able to apply the things I know now to the people there. I could have just been more effective, but it is all apart of the process I guess. I have had a lot of growing experiences, and the spirit has been powerful. We teach 2 investigators a day (member actors), and one of them named Samson was a very powerful experience. We had been teaching him the lessons and he slowly was building more and more faith. Then this last lesson we talked about Jesus Christ and the Atonement. By the end he was in tears, as we were bearing testimony the spirit was just beaming in the room. I am so glad that the spirit is there. I couldn't do anything without it, and  it is so awesome even though they aren't real investigators it is pretty close, and it just reminds me of being out in Salt Lake. There is no better feeling than helping people come unto Christ, and see them make that connection with the spirit. It just pumps me up for getting back in the field and helping the people of North Carolina. All that I have heard about it is good. Not one bad thing.

I have had to do a lot of things that I don't love to do out here, but I can feel it changing me. We have a good amount of meetings, and we do a lot of talking as zone leaders. This Sunday as well I have to teach the district meeting on revelation through the book of Mormon. Well it is mostly a discussion, but it still wont be the best-ha. It has been great experience for me to stretch, and just be more social. I never would've thought I could do things like this, and it is still kinda nervous for me, but it isn't all that bad. I saw one kid from Bear River that is my age, but we aren't in any groups and I have just been avoiding him at meals-ha. The chocolate milk is good, but I try to go easy on it now-ha. I feel like a ton has happened, but I don't know what to say.

 Anyways I really have been loving it here, and it is crazy that I am leaving this Monday! The friendships that I have made here and the experiences will last throughout this life. It has been cool too, to see the new missionaries this Wednesday and to help them out and feel welcomed. They looked so terrified, but they are settling in well now. Oh also there was a devotional with Sister Wixom, and I was in the choir with a whole bunch of missionaries, and we sang a Child's Prayer with some little kids. It was so so powerful, the spirit filled that whole gym up, and I know that you would've loved to be there. That is one of your favorites right?  Well I feel like I am missing a ton, but I don't know what else to say. I needed to come to the mtc though. I know now that this is right where I am suppose to be. I will use the lessons and experiences that I learned here throughout the rest of my mission. The next time you will hear from me is on monday I will either call really early at like 5 or during the layover in Atlanta. Either way I will let you know sometime on monday. I really am excited to get out there and to bring people this wonderful message. Thanks for all the support you give me, and for the package. I will talk to you later-bye.

Monday, February 22, 2016

MTC-Week One

Things are pretty good. Yeah my P-days are on Fridays, so it is nice to get a break so soon. It is different here than out in the field. Classes and studying and role playing all day aren't all that comfortable for me, but I can feel that it is helping me grow a lot. I haven't been really that overwhelmed because I know what it'll be like to work, and this will just help me be stronger and more confident out there. My companion is Elder Johnson and he is from Weiser, Idaho. He is a really good chill missionary, and he is great. The food is ok.  I love the chocolate milk with a passion! But I am not eating too much, so hopefully I don't gain much. Yesterday they extended some positions or callings, and they put me and Elder Johnson as the zone leaders. I am not sure all what they do here at the MTC, but I know I probably wont be too comfortable with it.  I don't think that they have to really do a whole lot, but it will be a good experience for me as well to be more social. Oh yeah and I don't know if they have figured out the Salt Lake City thing. It still says I am going there, and I am with elders that are going to Arizona. I also found the North Carolina elders, and they are in a trio, so something is messed up. I have talked with the front desk, and they know about it so it should all work out. Well it has been nice though to have experience in the field. I have been able to share some of the things I have learned with these missionaries, and hopefully it helps, because it helps me just talking about it and thinking of what I have learned so far. I have learned a lot already in these couple days, and this is a great experience. Thanks for all you do I will talk to you next week bye.
Elder Johnson and I had the same tie so we thought it was picture worthy.

Our zone went to the temple on P-day.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Elder Cannon completed his mission in Salt Lake and we picked him up on February 10, 2016.   The missionaries and mission president and wife had a lot of good things to say about him as we picked him up.  Here is a picture of the apartment he lived in.  There were a set of elders who lived next door, so this is the whole group together.

We had a week to do some more shopping, another shot, and repack.  He was able to visit his grandparents too.  Then the day came to take him back.  We went to the Provo City Center temple open house first.  That was neat to see.  Then we had lunch and then made the drop off.  It wasn't easy to see him leave again, but we are proud of him and grateful he has been given this opportunity to serve.

Walking past the George Q. Cannon building

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Last Week in Salt Lake

So my last week in Salt Lake was pretty great.  We had some good experiences with investigators.  We taught a man named Rudy who is terminally ill with a heart condition.  He was a referral by the welfare missionaries.  He has a big, tender heart and was very receptive to the gospel and the spirit.  He says he wants to be be baptized within three months to a year.  On one of our visits I told him I was leaving for another mission and he just broke down crying and hugged me a lot.  He wanted me to ask the mission president if he could go to the airport as my uncle to say goodbye to me.  He also said when he gets baptized he will do it in memory of me.  He is a neat guy.

Also this week we had the baptism of Steven.  He sure was ready.  He called his mom in California to tell her about it and she was upset and mad about it but he defended his decision and shared what he had been learning and she softened.  She even flew up for the baptism and was crying and happy for him and noticed he had changed.  The actual baptism wasn't totally smooth at first, since Steven and the man baptizing him were late.  Then president Spendlove and his whole family made a surprise visit and came to the baptism.  Elder Picard and I were the witnesses.  The person baptizing him accidentally hit Steven's head pretty hard on the faucet while baptizing him but Steven said he didn't even feel it.

We had a zone conference and they asked me to bear my testimony as a departing missionary.*

Also, I forgot to tell you that we were able to go to the conference center for a worldwide broadcast for missionaries.  We were on the second row and it was neat to be there.  There were 6 apostles there.  It was a great meeting.

Well, it is hard to leave but I am excited to serve in North Carolina.

*Note from Jacob's mom:  When we went to pick up Jacob at the conclusion of his Salt Lake City mission, one of the AP Elders told me about the testimony Jacob shared in the zone conference.  He said they called him to bear his testimony since he would soon be leaving.  He said during the testimony, there wasn't a dry eye in the room, and he had never felt the Spirit so strong as he did then, and he had been a part of many spiritual meetings the 18 months he has been out, but never experienced anything like that.   He said it was an experience he will never forget and he knew Elder Cannon was going to accomplish a lot of good in his new mission.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Oh Wow! What a Week!

Oh wow what a week! This has been without a doubt the craziest week I have had as a missionary so far. I am excited for North Carolina.  The weather was in the 60's- I am ready for that!! I'm excited to get out of Utah and help the people down there. That's cool I've got most of the stuff. I will probably need another pair of shoes too.  They are starting to wear down.

We had Monica's baptism this week, and it was really good. The water was just above my knees though, so it was kind of a struggle, but it was just one and done. It was a great baptism, and it was such a happy moment to see her following Christ. She also got confirmed yesterday, and that was very powerful as well. She is an awesome lady, and her little boy the other day said he wants to go on a mission. Her kids are really cute.

Then was my highlight of the week(not)--the talk I had in sacrament meeting. I was pretty stressed, and I don't think it went very well, but I got through it fine and took 10 minutes so that was good enough for me. I didn't say anything about why I am only here temporarily, but our ward mission leader did. He said you all just witnessed a miracle today.  This was Elder Cannon's first time speaking in church like this today. He kind of told my story a little bit about the selective mutism, and people after said they had no idea at all, and that I talked really well. The people here are really nice, and I know that it wasn't all that good, but these were nice people. It did feel pretty cool to go up and talk.  Its such a weird feeling! It was a really good experience though, and it is amazing how far I have progressed.

Well this is my last week in Salt Lake.  I will for sure make the most of it. We have another baptism this Saturday, and we have picked up some new investigators who are progressing well. There's a lot of work going on. I will definitely miss it here. I'll talk to you next week and then see you a few days after that bye.