Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Last Week in Salt Lake

So my last week in Salt Lake was pretty great.  We had some good experiences with investigators.  We taught a man named Rudy who is terminally ill with a heart condition.  He was a referral by the welfare missionaries.  He has a big, tender heart and was very receptive to the gospel and the spirit.  He says he wants to be be baptized within three months to a year.  On one of our visits I told him I was leaving for another mission and he just broke down crying and hugged me a lot.  He wanted me to ask the mission president if he could go to the airport as my uncle to say goodbye to me.  He also said when he gets baptized he will do it in memory of me.  He is a neat guy.

Also this week we had the baptism of Steven.  He sure was ready.  He called his mom in California to tell her about it and she was upset and mad about it but he defended his decision and shared what he had been learning and she softened.  She even flew up for the baptism and was crying and happy for him and noticed he had changed.  The actual baptism wasn't totally smooth at first, since Steven and the man baptizing him were late.  Then president Spendlove and his whole family made a surprise visit and came to the baptism.  Elder Picard and I were the witnesses.  The person baptizing him accidentally hit Steven's head pretty hard on the faucet while baptizing him but Steven said he didn't even feel it.

We had a zone conference and they asked me to bear my testimony as a departing missionary.*

Also, I forgot to tell you that we were able to go to the conference center for a worldwide broadcast for missionaries.  We were on the second row and it was neat to be there.  There were 6 apostles there.  It was a great meeting.

Well, it is hard to leave but I am excited to serve in North Carolina.

*Note from Jacob's mom:  When we went to pick up Jacob at the conclusion of his Salt Lake City mission, one of the AP Elders told me about the testimony Jacob shared in the zone conference.  He said they called him to bear his testimony since he would soon be leaving.  He said during the testimony, there wasn't a dry eye in the room, and he had never felt the Spirit so strong as he did then, and he had been a part of many spiritual meetings the 18 months he has been out, but never experienced anything like that.   He said it was an experience he will never forget and he knew Elder Cannon was going to accomplish a lot of good in his new mission.

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