Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Friday, February 26, 2016

MTC-Week 2

Yeah the time here is just about out now. It has been pretty great this week.  They got my mission destination  straightened out and it is all good now, and I am leaving Monday morning from the MTC at 3:30. The flight is at like 6 something, so if you want me to call it will be pretty early. I am also the travel group leader, so I have to make sure everyone gets there safely that should be exciting- ha.

Yeah I am getting used to it here now, and it has been a great experience. One of the elders in the district went home yesterday.  It was pretty tough because we all became pretty close, so now we are in a trio with Elder Bright. I get along with them really well, and it is great. It has been so awesome to see Elder Johnson and really everyone in the district grow from the first day. My time in Salt Lake wasn't a waste, but I really wish that I would've been able to apply the things I know now to the people there. I could have just been more effective, but it is all apart of the process I guess. I have had a lot of growing experiences, and the spirit has been powerful. We teach 2 investigators a day (member actors), and one of them named Samson was a very powerful experience. We had been teaching him the lessons and he slowly was building more and more faith. Then this last lesson we talked about Jesus Christ and the Atonement. By the end he was in tears, as we were bearing testimony the spirit was just beaming in the room. I am so glad that the spirit is there. I couldn't do anything without it, and  it is so awesome even though they aren't real investigators it is pretty close, and it just reminds me of being out in Salt Lake. There is no better feeling than helping people come unto Christ, and see them make that connection with the spirit. It just pumps me up for getting back in the field and helping the people of North Carolina. All that I have heard about it is good. Not one bad thing.

I have had to do a lot of things that I don't love to do out here, but I can feel it changing me. We have a good amount of meetings, and we do a lot of talking as zone leaders. This Sunday as well I have to teach the district meeting on revelation through the book of Mormon. Well it is mostly a discussion, but it still wont be the best-ha. It has been great experience for me to stretch, and just be more social. I never would've thought I could do things like this, and it is still kinda nervous for me, but it isn't all that bad. I saw one kid from Bear River that is my age, but we aren't in any groups and I have just been avoiding him at meals-ha. The chocolate milk is good, but I try to go easy on it now-ha. I feel like a ton has happened, but I don't know what to say.

 Anyways I really have been loving it here, and it is crazy that I am leaving this Monday! The friendships that I have made here and the experiences will last throughout this life. It has been cool too, to see the new missionaries this Wednesday and to help them out and feel welcomed. They looked so terrified, but they are settling in well now. Oh also there was a devotional with Sister Wixom, and I was in the choir with a whole bunch of missionaries, and we sang a Child's Prayer with some little kids. It was so so powerful, the spirit filled that whole gym up, and I know that you would've loved to be there. That is one of your favorites right?  Well I feel like I am missing a ton, but I don't know what else to say. I needed to come to the mtc though. I know now that this is right where I am suppose to be. I will use the lessons and experiences that I learned here throughout the rest of my mission. The next time you will hear from me is on monday I will either call really early at like 5 or during the layover in Atlanta. Either way I will let you know sometime on monday. I really am excited to get out there and to bring people this wonderful message. Thanks for all the support you give me, and for the package. I will talk to you later-bye.

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