Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Hey! Easter was pretty great! That sounds like y'all had a great time.  The work here is going really well! We have a man named Kevin on date for baptism by the end of April. He lives in a homeless shelter, but is really enjoying church and wants to change his life around. We are really excited for him! We keep teaching a lot of lessons, but no one besides him have  been progressing yet. We  haven't been able to meet with that lady Mariah yet this week. We will be trying hard to meet
with her this week. We should get some progressing real soon though. I am really excited for conference too. It is going to be so great! The ward members here are so nice. We are watching it at the church and one of the members is dropping off pizza for us it'll be great. I love this time of year, and everyone is excited to hear about Christ.  It's exciting here. I love sharing and teaching.  It  is still tough, but it is getting easier and easier, and my testimony continues to shoot up. Conference will be a great builder and I am ready to apply it in my life to be a better person, and to better serve the people in North Carolina.
Thanks for the Easter package the elders here loved it.  I will talk to ya next week see ya
Elder cannon

Struttin' in our Easter best

Homemade cream puffs on Easter night

Sunset in Lexington

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring in the South

Well things here are still going really great!! The weather got up in the mid 80s, and just yesterday it dropped back in the 40s.  It is crazy. The trees have been amazing they are blooming, and the birds go to town here singing.   I love it.  It sounds like everything is going pretty good at home and you are having a good time.
The work has been great. Those little girls where I felt like we should stop in don't actually live there. That was the ladies nieces, but it is a lady named Mariah and her boyfriend. We taught her the restoration this week, and she received it pretty well, but had some questions. She also had questions about the after life, and the plan of salvation. That is what we are teaching next and we hope that it'll click for her. She is a nice lady, and we are excited for her. We have been meeting a lot of really great solid people who have some potential. With the weather warming up the people have been crawling out of the cracks and rocks.  It is insane. Even in the middle of the week during the day people are just out. Everyone is pretty kind and willing to watch the new Easter video on Christ. It is a very exciting time here, and the work is starting to really get picked up.
Well I love being out here. It is different from Salt lake, but that is good. The people have been really nice, and we don't get a whole lot of mad angry rejections. Even when they reject us they still are decent and say thank you and sorry instead of slamming it. It isn't quite as deflating. The scenery is great, and each week it seems to grow on me more and more. The humidity is weird, and it is rough when it warms up, but I will get use to it. It is great to be here. Oh yeah my last companion elder Picard just told me that Steven has decided to serve a mission!! I was so happy to hear that he is such a great guy and will do awesome!! I'm really really excited for him!! Well I'll talk to you next week. See ya.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Finally an email from North Carolina!

Well I am alive!!! Ha I got the iPad finally!! It looks like you didn't get the email I sent from another elders email about my first week. My companions name is Elder Richins and he is from St. Johns, Arizona. He is a really great guy, and easy to get along with.

My mailing address is:  211 Ridge Mill Circle     Lexington, NC 27295

The weather here has been way nice in the mid 70s! We switch off bikes and cars each week. It is really nice to get a break in between and have a car. The area here is huge!! It is called the Welcome Ward, and there are 3 sets of missionaries in the one ward.  It is insane! The first Sunday was fast Sunday so The bishop called up all the new missionaries to bear their testimony. I was not too thrilled for that, but I did it anyways. It was short, but it was how I felt, and I am grateful that I was able to share it.  I feel it grow each time I share it, and my desire grows to share it. It is great to be here. I'm in Lexington, North Carolina.  It is the barbecue Capitol of North Carolina.  The barbecue is great!  They put a vinegar sauce on it that doesn't taste the same as normal barbecue and coleslaw.  It is pretty tasty!  We live next to a restaurant called Lexington barbecue and it is amazing!!  (Note from Elder Cannon's mom--he didn't like barbecue sauce before his mission).  This city is is also known for a celebration called "Pigs in the City."  There are pig statues all throughout the city.  It is fun.   It is really pretty out here.  There are some giant lakes, trees, flowers, creeks all over.   I love it! The people here have been super great as well! Southern hospitality is real. It hasn't been much of an adjustment coming from the MtC here. I just got right to it. It has been a little rough not having an iPad for 2 weeks with no emailing, camera, area book stuff like that, but it is all good now.
We had a pretty amazing miracle the other day. We were driving to a less actives house around 8:30, and as we were going there I was looking out the window and saw some little girls playing through their window and just had the thought that we should talk to them. I decided not to say anything because it was late at night and we were going somewhere already. The person we went to see wasn't there and I opened my mouth and said "I have someone we can see."  My companion looked at me a little weird because I just got here and don't know anyone he doesn't-ha, but we went back and  knocked on the door. They seemed really nice and said that they have been church hoppers, and are looking for a church that feels right to them. It was such an amazing feeling! The spirit works in crazy ways, and there was a reason I felt like we should go back there. Things like that is what makes missionary work doable for people like me. I love this work and I love serving. I am doing good and feel great!

This is High Rock Lake--I want to go fishing here really bad.

This is what Wikipedia says about this lake:

High Rock Lake[edit]

Main article: High Rock Lake
The second largest lake in North Carolina, High Rock Lake is located a few miles south of Lexington. Its water surface covers 15,180 acres (61 km2), and it has 365 miles (587 km) of shoreline. It begins at the confluence of theYadkin and South Yadkin rivers.
High Rock Lake has long been considered one of the best fishing lakes of North Carolina.[14] It is the site of the Bassmaster Tournaments, including the Bassmaster Classic in 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2007[15] and frequently is used for other angling competitions. The lake is stocked with channelblue, and flathead catfish, plus crappie and several different sunfish, such as bluegillshellcracker and others. Striper and their hybrids, as well as white bass, are also abundant.
The lake is best known for its quantity and quality of largemouth bass, which attract anglers from all over the United States. This is likely due to the relatively shallow nature of the lake and the favorable habitat for the bass.

North Carolina Countryside

Elder Richins and I

Zone training meeting

Famous Southern Restaurant--Bojangles

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina!

We just received an email that Elder Cannon arrived safely, and they are happy to have him.  They call the mission "NC CHARLOTTE MISSION OF MIRACLES."  Isn't that fitting?

Elder Cannon with President and Sister Alexander

The new arriving missionaries