Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Hey! Easter was pretty great! That sounds like y'all had a great time.  The work here is going really well! We have a man named Kevin on date for baptism by the end of April. He lives in a homeless shelter, but is really enjoying church and wants to change his life around. We are really excited for him! We keep teaching a lot of lessons, but no one besides him have  been progressing yet. We  haven't been able to meet with that lady Mariah yet this week. We will be trying hard to meet
with her this week. We should get some progressing real soon though. I am really excited for conference too. It is going to be so great! The ward members here are so nice. We are watching it at the church and one of the members is dropping off pizza for us it'll be great. I love this time of year, and everyone is excited to hear about Christ.  It's exciting here. I love sharing and teaching.  It  is still tough, but it is getting easier and easier, and my testimony continues to shoot up. Conference will be a great builder and I am ready to apply it in my life to be a better person, and to better serve the people in North Carolina.
Thanks for the Easter package the elders here loved it.  I will talk to ya next week see ya
Elder cannon

Struttin' in our Easter best

Homemade cream puffs on Easter night

Sunset in Lexington

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