Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Morganton is beautiful!

Hello!!! Things have been going pretty great overall! It was kind of tough to leave so soon, but I have been loving it here so far. It blows Lexington out of the water.  It is a lot prettier, and seeing those mountain hill things has been so great!! My companion, Elder Jackson,  is from Nampa Idaho, and he has been out for 8 months. He is a really good elder, and we seem to get along really well and have a
good time. Oh yeah that was pretty intense mission conference with Elder Zwick.  I wrote pages and pages. The main theme is to simplify, intensify, and testify. Just really short powerful lessons. That was the main focus of it. He even told us they are working on a new preach my gospel, so there will be a lot of change happening!
There is a lot of really great work going on here too. They have been working with an elderly couple, the Earls, and they are ready for baptism. She is having a hip surgery in May and they want to be baptized after that in June, so that is really exciting! They are great people! Then there is another famil, the Evans, and they are about ready to be baptized too. They have even been doing missionary
work too I guess and brought us another family, the Watts, and they both have been super excited  about being sealed in the temple! When people put that in their sights there isn't much that stops them. It is really an exciting happy time, and a lot of good is happening here. It sounds like things are going pretty well at home!
Well overall I'm doing pretty great and happy! I hope to stay here for awhile, and get to know these great people, and help them as much as I can. They are really great. Thanks for all that you do have a great week.  See ya.
Elder cannon

P.S.  Here is my new address:
504 Bethel Road, Apt. #206  Morganton, NC  28655

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm moving

Things have been pretty crazy! I am getting transferred to Morganton, North Carolina! My new companion is going to be Elder Jackson. He is who I replaced here in the Welcome Ward, so it is pretty crazy that we are companions now! I have heard good things mostly about it. They said that it is out in the sticks. I am totally pumped about that of course! I'm glad it's not a big city ha. I am leaving Tuesday afternoon, so next week I should be able to report on a lot.

This week was a little slower than we would've liked it to be, a lot of canceled appointments, but it was still really great! There were still some powerful lessons. We have a lot of solid people that the
other elders will hopefully be able to help go to the next step. It was hard to say bye to people again. I didn't feel too close to anyone, so it wasn't too bad, but I just wish I could've got to know them more. There are some amazing people out here. At church they found out we were all leaving so of course they called us up for one last testimony in the ward. Uh it was good it is still kind of tough, but I am capable of doing it. It's a great feeling!! It is weird to think how far I have came from the beginning of salt lake. The power prayer keeps on helping and changing me. Thanks for all the prayers in my behalf. They are still working.
Elder Cannon

Here are some of the families we've been teaching:
Ramon is from Honduras

This is Dex and Sis Klamon and her dog Peaches

I  love the Southern grammar

Eating at Lexington Barbecue--I ate here about 8 times--It is amazing!

I honestly don't know what's happening here

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello!!  It is weird to think it is already been a whole transfer-- it cruised, but yeah I am really excited for wherever they decide I need to go!
Well really nothing too new has happened this week. We are still trying hard to have someone progressing. There really is a lot of people who are getting super close they just need to completely jump in. They will be there soon though. I love trying to help in anyway, and we just continue to work really hard and pray for these people.  They are amazing solid people. This area is really tough to beat. It has been really fun and crazy too to have 4 elders In an apartment. I have quite the stories to tell. Oh yeah this Tuesday we are having a mission conference with Elder Zwick.  It should be pretty great, and I'm really pumped to hear what he has to say. I met his grandson in Salt Lake. I still haven't heard anything much from the people in Salt Lake, but hopefully I'll hear more about it today. I've been missing them, and wondering how they are doing!
It has also been so amazing to have the conference talks to read. There is so much inspiration in them, it is so insane. I still can't believe I didn't pay as good attention to them before I came out here.  Oh well.
  The weather has actually been a little bit cold here the last week or so, but it feels pretty good, and I don't know how much of summer I'll be able to handle. Even on the 70 degree days I get a good sweat going ha. Well thanks for the email and the update on everyone hope all is well.
Elder Cannon

District Meeting Photos

North Carolina Countryside

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Conference Weekend

Hello!! My birthday was good.  I kept it low key the way I like it, and I enjoyed the package. I will put it to use.  Thank you so much. I have got some news.  I will be getting transferred at the end of this transfer. April 19th. There are more missionaries going then coming, so they are shutting down areas. I was not expecting to get moved so fast and It is kind of a bummer that I have to get moved so fast.  I wanted to stay somewhere for a little while, but I know it's what needs to happen and I will be happy wherever they do put me.
   Yeah conference was such an amazing experience. It's the first time I actually listened hard to every talk, and I got a lot out of it. I wish this was a weekly thing.  It was such a spiritual boost, but it will be great to more in depth study the talks. It was the best experience I've had, and I am going to do my best to improve and take to heart what they shared with us.
     The work has been steady this week. We still don't have anyone really progressing. We have a lot of great potential all around us, and I know that someone will start growing soon. It is great time to be out here. The weather has been perfect, and I can't get over how pretty it is. I continue to improve myself, and feel more and more confident in myself and what I'm really doing each day. I'm really grateful that I've been called to serve. It is the least I could do. Thanks for all you do and the birthday package.
Elder Cannon

Here are some pictures of the beauty of North Carolina and a cat attacking me.