Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello!!  It is weird to think it is already been a whole transfer-- it cruised, but yeah I am really excited for wherever they decide I need to go!
Well really nothing too new has happened this week. We are still trying hard to have someone progressing. There really is a lot of people who are getting super close they just need to completely jump in. They will be there soon though. I love trying to help in anyway, and we just continue to work really hard and pray for these people.  They are amazing solid people. This area is really tough to beat. It has been really fun and crazy too to have 4 elders In an apartment. I have quite the stories to tell. Oh yeah this Tuesday we are having a mission conference with Elder Zwick.  It should be pretty great, and I'm really pumped to hear what he has to say. I met his grandson in Salt Lake. I still haven't heard anything much from the people in Salt Lake, but hopefully I'll hear more about it today. I've been missing them, and wondering how they are doing!
It has also been so amazing to have the conference talks to read. There is so much inspiration in them, it is so insane. I still can't believe I didn't pay as good attention to them before I came out here.  Oh well.
  The weather has actually been a little bit cold here the last week or so, but it feels pretty good, and I don't know how much of summer I'll be able to handle. Even on the 70 degree days I get a good sweat going ha. Well thanks for the email and the update on everyone hope all is well.
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