Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm moving

Things have been pretty crazy! I am getting transferred to Morganton, North Carolina! My new companion is going to be Elder Jackson. He is who I replaced here in the Welcome Ward, so it is pretty crazy that we are companions now! I have heard good things mostly about it. They said that it is out in the sticks. I am totally pumped about that of course! I'm glad it's not a big city ha. I am leaving Tuesday afternoon, so next week I should be able to report on a lot.

This week was a little slower than we would've liked it to be, a lot of canceled appointments, but it was still really great! There were still some powerful lessons. We have a lot of solid people that the
other elders will hopefully be able to help go to the next step. It was hard to say bye to people again. I didn't feel too close to anyone, so it wasn't too bad, but I just wish I could've got to know them more. There are some amazing people out here. At church they found out we were all leaving so of course they called us up for one last testimony in the ward. Uh it was good it is still kind of tough, but I am capable of doing it. It's a great feeling!! It is weird to think how far I have came from the beginning of salt lake. The power prayer keeps on helping and changing me. Thanks for all the prayers in my behalf. They are still working.
Elder Cannon

Here are some of the families we've been teaching:
Ramon is from Honduras

This is Dex and Sis Klamon and her dog Peaches

I  love the Southern grammar

Eating at Lexington Barbecue--I ate here about 8 times--It is amazing!

I honestly don't know what's happening here

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