Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, May 30, 2016


This week has been going pretty good! I am staying in Morganton! I was really glad to hear that. It is nice to stay somewhere for a little bit, and get things going. I will be here at least until July 12th, probably a little longer though.
We were able to give Olm a Book of Mormon, and he seemed really excited about it.  He loves to see us. That gas station attracts the wrong crowd, so I think he enjoys seeing people like us. We hope that he can get a day off soon, and meet with us. Then the Earls are doing great still. She already made it back to church after having her hip surgery.  They are die hard active church goers now. They are a great example to me. Then the Evans are still doing really good too.  They were able to come to  church again, and we got to talk to the dad Rusty for awhile. He is still trying to process Joseph smith, and the Book of Mormon. He's having a hard time saying that he knows it is true. He really wants to know. He told us that the Book of Mormon has been tough to get into, and so he has been trying other resources to figure it out. We will be teaching the importance of the Book of Mormon, and helping him through. If you have any stories or anything that would be great to share. We're really glad that he is really searching, and wants to know.  He will get an answer.
I'm still doing great, and am getting closer and closer to the people. I love talking to people. I really do, and I'm happy to help in anyway. We also saw fireflies the other day it was pretty great!! They are amazing!! Well it was good to hear from you, and it sounds like everything thing is going really well back home! Well I hope you have a good Memorial Day I'll talk to you next week-- see ya
Elder Cannon

Squirrels everywhere aren't afraid of us.

With our district leader--don't know why I'm holding  a taquito

Hickory Zone Conference

Zone Activity

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tracting in the rain

Hey!! Sorry I didn't get a ton of time to email we had a district activity a ways away, so next week I'll email everyone else. This week has been pretty slow, but it was still really great!  Not much new with Olm, but we stopped by again, and he was really excited to see us!  He said that he read the plan of salvation pamphlet and really enjoyed it, and he said he has a strong belief in God. He works at that gas station all the time, and he said he would call us when he gets a day off. We are praying he will get a day off. We are still really excited for him though!

This week sister Earl had her hip surgery, and it went really well. She should be In a lot less pain now, it has been really painful for her. So that's really good, then the Evans were able to make it to church, and their friends the watts. That was my first time meeting them, and they seem really great! There was in total 9 investigators at church this week! It was amazing to see! It is a pretty exciting time.  We are working with some solid families. They are all doing really well. Through the week this week the Evans were sick, and the earls just went through the surgery, and so it was hard to meet with people. We had to do a lot of grunt work. It was fun though. We were out tracting in a total downpour, and we met a lady named Stephanie who said she has been looking for a church, and was interested. That was pretty exciting! There is a lot of great things here in Morganton, and we are really excited for it! This is the last week of this transfer its crazy how fast it went! Hopefully I stay this time ha, I'm not going to count on anything though. Well I'm doing really great, and I am happy to be out here! The ward has been really nice to me, and it's great! I love sharing and trying to help, it's not perfect but that's why we have the gospel because we aren't. I'll talk to you next week see ya.
Elder Cannon

Monday, May 16, 2016

Gas Station Miracle

Hey! Oh yeah that picture is the Blalocks they had us over for dinner after church.

They are really nice. This ward is full of some really nice people. That sounds like you had a pretty fun week! How were the missionaries over for dinner?

Well this week has been going pretty good! We have been working hard, and things are starting to really pick up. We had a pretty crazy miracle story this week. There is a pretty sketchy gas station down the road from our apartment that we use to get gas, and snacks sometimes. Anyways every time we went in,  there is this same Indian man working every time. For some reason something just stood out about him.  He had a light in his eye. One day I felt like giving him a restoration pamphlet, and before we went in I underlined the second sentence that said "he knows you personally and loves you more than you can comprehend." I have never done that, and it just happened without thinking. We went in and as I was buying something I just pulled it out and offered it to him he was a little shy but took it and said thank you. We tried a few other times to see him but he wasn't there or he was busy. Then on Saturday we stopped in, and he was there! We got up to the front desk to buy some snacks, and he pointed at me and said "that book you gave me I read it!"  We were a little shocked and said oh yeah how was it? He said, "I felt spirit," and put his hand up to his chest with teary eyes. It was an amazing moment. We came back that night to give him another pamphlet, and he sure seemed excited about it. He works a ton so he said he would call us when he's off, but man we are really excited bout him.  His name is Olm. The spirit is sure a key in this work. I would've never even dreamed of doing anything like this back home- ha. It wasn't even a second thought of knowing there was something about this man. Hopefully I have more of an update on him next week.

Then the Earls are still doing well. Sister Earl is having her hip replacement surgery this Thursday, so that'll be a lengthy recovery. We are going to drop off some flowers or a card to her afterwards, they are a sweet family. The Evans are doing great still too, and came to church again. We have a lot of new people coming up as well, and we are cranking.  I love it! The teaching pool is starting to expand. Things are going great and I am happy to be here!! I keep on working on being just a little better, and stretching more and more.   I love that we can just keep on trying over and over. That's what the gospel is about changing. Thanks for everything -see ya.
Elder cannon

Here are some more photos of the beautiful area.  Its not every day you have a peacock in the church parking lot.

Mother's Day

We were able to Skype with Elder Cannon on Mother's Day.  He looked great!  We had a lot of technical difficulties so we had to call him multiple times, but it was still great to talk to him. This is a short email he sent the day after the Skype:

Hey!  Oh yeah it was really great to see all of you again! It is so crazy to see everyone, and hear your voices, and to see Biggs jigging around like  usual-ha it was great! Sorry I was awkward I just am not good at that stuff-ha

Yeah I'm still kickin and doing pretty great! We are working hard, and there's a lot of great people out there ready. There will be much more to report on next week.  I'll talk to you then thanks for all you do, and for helping me so much in my life. You are great. I hope you had a great day yesterday.

Elder Cannon

Elder Cannon also made arrangements for flowers to be delivered to me for mothers day and he even chose the color--purple.  Very sweet!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Studying Humility

This week has been pretty good! Yeah it has been pretty stormy the last few days. The earls-- I don't remember if I talked about them, but they decided on their own to set a date for the 29th of July to be baptized. It is a little far out, but they want their family to come out. It has been an amazing  experience to see this family. Their son is in the ward, and he has 11 kids, 3 who are on missions, and he has been praying for over 20 years everyday he said to have his parents join the church. His prayers are now being answered.  It is never too late. The Earls are happy right now.  The Evans came to church except for the wife cuz she was sick, but he and his granddaughter enjoyed it. He really does want to be baptized, but he wants to know more, which is alright.  You can see that he does have sincerity. He is a great guy!

Wow it sounds like a lot has been going on back home. That is exciting for Daniel and Isaac.  That's pretty sad about Mr. Hornberger.  He did sound like a very good man.   Man, that is amazing about the Lopez family getting sealed.  I can't imagine the feelings that they felt there.  They sure looked happy in the picture you sent!

I have been growing and changing a lot each and every day it seems like. There is so much to learn and improve in, and as long as you keep plowin you're doing great! I have been studying humility deeply this week, and it is powerful. I want to share everything I learned from it, but I won't ha. It is just amazing how essential it is. It is the taproot of the gospel, without it, it would fail. Pride is what is taking this world over. Why families, and marriages fail, fights, getting offended, all the contention, it roots down to pride. It is pretty big. It really does make you think though, and I have a lot to try and improve on. I think just having total faith and confidence in God, and not in your own knowledge alone is the key to a happy fruitful life. He knows much better than we do.

Well I'm happy to be here! And have just been loving it so far!! I love trying to help. I hope you have a great Mother's Day!!
Elder Cannon

P.S. Oh and by the way people here go even more southern when they say "yins."  Like "thank yins for coming!" It is pretty great ha