Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, May 30, 2016


This week has been going pretty good! I am staying in Morganton! I was really glad to hear that. It is nice to stay somewhere for a little bit, and get things going. I will be here at least until July 12th, probably a little longer though.
We were able to give Olm a Book of Mormon, and he seemed really excited about it.  He loves to see us. That gas station attracts the wrong crowd, so I think he enjoys seeing people like us. We hope that he can get a day off soon, and meet with us. Then the Earls are doing great still. She already made it back to church after having her hip surgery.  They are die hard active church goers now. They are a great example to me. Then the Evans are still doing really good too.  They were able to come to  church again, and we got to talk to the dad Rusty for awhile. He is still trying to process Joseph smith, and the Book of Mormon. He's having a hard time saying that he knows it is true. He really wants to know. He told us that the Book of Mormon has been tough to get into, and so he has been trying other resources to figure it out. We will be teaching the importance of the Book of Mormon, and helping him through. If you have any stories or anything that would be great to share. We're really glad that he is really searching, and wants to know.  He will get an answer.
I'm still doing great, and am getting closer and closer to the people. I love talking to people. I really do, and I'm happy to help in anyway. We also saw fireflies the other day it was pretty great!! They are amazing!! Well it was good to hear from you, and it sounds like everything thing is going really well back home! Well I hope you have a good Memorial Day I'll talk to you next week-- see ya
Elder Cannon

Squirrels everywhere aren't afraid of us.

With our district leader--don't know why I'm holding  a taquito

Hickory Zone Conference

Zone Activity

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