Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, May 2, 2016

Studying Humility

This week has been pretty good! Yeah it has been pretty stormy the last few days. The earls-- I don't remember if I talked about them, but they decided on their own to set a date for the 29th of July to be baptized. It is a little far out, but they want their family to come out. It has been an amazing  experience to see this family. Their son is in the ward, and he has 11 kids, 3 who are on missions, and he has been praying for over 20 years everyday he said to have his parents join the church. His prayers are now being answered.  It is never too late. The Earls are happy right now.  The Evans came to church except for the wife cuz she was sick, but he and his granddaughter enjoyed it. He really does want to be baptized, but he wants to know more, which is alright.  You can see that he does have sincerity. He is a great guy!

Wow it sounds like a lot has been going on back home. That is exciting for Daniel and Isaac.  That's pretty sad about Mr. Hornberger.  He did sound like a very good man.   Man, that is amazing about the Lopez family getting sealed.  I can't imagine the feelings that they felt there.  They sure looked happy in the picture you sent!

I have been growing and changing a lot each and every day it seems like. There is so much to learn and improve in, and as long as you keep plowin you're doing great! I have been studying humility deeply this week, and it is powerful. I want to share everything I learned from it, but I won't ha. It is just amazing how essential it is. It is the taproot of the gospel, without it, it would fail. Pride is what is taking this world over. Why families, and marriages fail, fights, getting offended, all the contention, it roots down to pride. It is pretty big. It really does make you think though, and I have a lot to try and improve on. I think just having total faith and confidence in God, and not in your own knowledge alone is the key to a happy fruitful life. He knows much better than we do.

Well I'm happy to be here! And have just been loving it so far!! I love trying to help. I hope you have a great Mother's Day!!
Elder Cannon

P.S. Oh and by the way people here go even more southern when they say "yins."  Like "thank yins for coming!" It is pretty great ha

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