Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tracting in the rain

Hey!! Sorry I didn't get a ton of time to email we had a district activity a ways away, so next week I'll email everyone else. This week has been pretty slow, but it was still really great!  Not much new with Olm, but we stopped by again, and he was really excited to see us!  He said that he read the plan of salvation pamphlet and really enjoyed it, and he said he has a strong belief in God. He works at that gas station all the time, and he said he would call us when he gets a day off. We are praying he will get a day off. We are still really excited for him though!

This week sister Earl had her hip surgery, and it went really well. She should be In a lot less pain now, it has been really painful for her. So that's really good, then the Evans were able to make it to church, and their friends the watts. That was my first time meeting them, and they seem really great! There was in total 9 investigators at church this week! It was amazing to see! It is a pretty exciting time.  We are working with some solid families. They are all doing really well. Through the week this week the Evans were sick, and the earls just went through the surgery, and so it was hard to meet with people. We had to do a lot of grunt work. It was fun though. We were out tracting in a total downpour, and we met a lady named Stephanie who said she has been looking for a church, and was interested. That was pretty exciting! There is a lot of great things here in Morganton, and we are really excited for it! This is the last week of this transfer its crazy how fast it went! Hopefully I stay this time ha, I'm not going to count on anything though. Well I'm doing really great, and I am happy to be out here! The ward has been really nice to me, and it's great! I love sharing and trying to help, it's not perfect but that's why we have the gospel because we aren't. I'll talk to you next week see ya.
Elder Cannon

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