Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Friday, June 24, 2016

Milking a goat

Hey! Things are pretty good. Yeah giving that talk  was pretty crazy. I am glad that I was able to talk about it, even if it just maybe helped one person a little bit it was worth it. This is a really great ward here.  I really love it.
This week has been really good! It has been a little crazy too.  We will be moving apartments this August. The contract is expiring, and there have been some issues with the man next to us, so that should be pretty fun!
We were able to talk to Olm again this week. He told us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon when he's had down time. He works from 5:30-10:30 pretty much every day. He told us too that his family is still in Nepal, so I think that is why he is working so much to help them come over to this country. He is a hard working man.
The Evans are also doing really great. We had 2 lessons with them this week, and you can start to see the change. They are praying over a baptismal date now. They are doing really great, and have came to church for about 2 months in a row now.
The Earls are still doing really great as well. They are already planning their baptismal program, and are ready to go for july 23rd. They are really excited about it! They will be heading to Michigan for
a few weeks, so we will be making sure they can find the church building to go. We are excited for them.
It has been getting really hot out here, and humid. You can't help but sweat ha. One lady said you will be sweating more than you can comprehend, but it's ok because everyone is going through it and
stewing in their juices. It is different than Utah for sure. We also see more and more fire flies each night they are amazing! I am loving it here though, and we are working with some really amazing families. I hope that I will get to be here for awhile! Well I hope all is well and that you have another great week!
Elder cannon
The Earls like to have everyone milk a goat or cow when people come visit their farm.  This is me milking a goat.

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