Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Sunday, July 3, 2016

June 27, 2016

Hey!!  I am doing good, and feeling great!  It has been getting really hot, but it is bearable. The worst part of the weather here is that humidity.   I am not very used to it yet ha.
 This week we had our interview with the mission president, and it went really good. He is an amazing mission president, and a spiritual giant. He said that he has been hearing a lot of great things about me, and that he can see me changing. It was good to hear that from him. This week the Earls went out of town to see family in Michigan, so we haven't taught them this week. Then we were able to teach both the Evans and the Watts. A member in the ward invited them over for dinner. We had a great time, and were able to have a lot of discussions about gospel things during dinner. Marcus Watts the dad even asked a question about the spirit world, and Rusty Evans was able to answer his question. It was amazing to see that things are really clicking for him. The Evans are very close to baptism. Then we weren't able to meet with Olm this week. Hopefully this week we can stop in, and see how he is doing. We also found some new investigators this week, and we hope that they are ready. I should have a better report on them next week. I feel like I am really getting close to these people, and the ward. They are great people. We have been helping teach primary the last few weeks( I love it!), and we have been doing stuff for the young mens and young womens too. The ward is getting more comfortable with us its great!
That sounds like y'all had an amazing experience at girls camp. That is amazing! I am sure that none of them will ever forget that experience. That sounds like a really fun reunion.
Well things are still great. I am happy and doing well. They take good care of me here in Morganton, and I love the people that we are working with and this ward. I keep feeling more confident in my speaking to people. Prayers are truly helping!
If there was a way you could send some Mormon tabernacle choir, and songs like that that would be great. On a flash-drive or something like that? Thanks so much for all that you do have a Great week!
Elder Cannon

P.S.  Here is some "interesting food" we saw at the local Walmart.

Beautiful skies here

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