Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Memorable Baptism

Yeah that baptism was a very powerful moment! During the baptism, Dennis, the son, was the one baptizing his parents. He kind of struggled to get through the words for his mom, but he did it. Then when his dad came into the font, and his mom said "love you" to Art, and he said it back, Dennis lost it, and could barely say the prayer. He had big tears rolling down his face. It was special. I had to grit my teeth and look away to not start bawling. I will never forget that moment.  Everyone in that little room felt the spirit so strongly. Then Dennis also gave a talk about the Holy Ghost. He talked about how he was introduced to the church, and how his parents were, and the role the Holy Ghost had in that. He was crying through all of that as well. Then he shared an experience of where he knelt down in the DC temple, and really poured out his heart. He is the only member in his family, and his deepest desire was to have them all come into the church so they can be sealed together. He told us how he got a comforting assurance from the Holy Ghost that his family would all join and be with him in the next life. 20 something years later his parents are now making those steps. He cried and cried, the spirit was unreal.
After the service Both Art and Fran were just bawling, and so touched by the spirit. It makes everything worth it to be a part of and witness this. I'll never forget it. Also President and Sister Alexander came to the baptism. He told us that each transfer he has wanted to move us, and was planning to. The spirit kept telling him "no" though, and we were both able to be a part of this. He said there is a reason the Lord wanted both of you to stay together this long. It was really neat.
   The Evans are moving along great! We didn't get to meet with them since their granddaughter Mckenzie was at girls camp. There were 3 non-member girls at girls camp, and I guess all 3 of them had a very spiritual experience. It made a big impact on them. Anyways, the Evans are getting really excited. During sacrament meeting I noticed that Mckenzie was writing everything down, even the scriptures that come out of the hymn book. She was reading things in true to the faith as well, and Tina the mom was taking notes they are getting excited!
It sounds like things are going good back in Utah! I hope you have a great week, and stay cool! See ya!
Love, Elder Cannon

P.S. (what he wrote to his dad)
Things are going really well! It's pretty hot but I can't complain! The baptism was amazing!! You can have mom show you the email I sent her about it. It's a long story, but It was one of the most spiritual moments I've been a part of. It is a great place to be! Studies are going good!! I love it! I wish that I would've dove into it more when I was home I took it for granted, but I really love it now. It helps a lot! It sounds like things are going really well at home! Well, I am doing good and am really happy!! Thanks for all that you do. I have noticed how big an impact you and mom had on me the longer I'm away. I'm grateful for the example that you set. I hope you have a great week see ya!!

P.S. #2--We got a phone call from Jacob's mission president, President Alexander, last night.  We were worried something was wrong at first, but he was just calling to say how great Elder Cannon is doing and that he was sent to be there at the right place at the right time.  He also told the story of the Earl's baptism and how they finally decided to hear the missionary lessons after many, many years.  Elder Cannon and his companion were blessed to be the ones to teach them the last few months.  He said he witnessed the great love the family at the baptism had for the elders and the love the elders had for this family.  He also said Elder Cannon is growing in confidence and doing great and they love having him in their mission.  It was a great call to get!

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