Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Staying in Morganton

This was a pretty good week! Yes we got the news that we are both staying for another transfer! It is weird to be in a place, and with a companion for this long, but I don't mind not changing I love it here! I am excited to be here for the Earls baptism the 23rd, and hopefully the Evans sometime soon too! I was pretty pumped to get to stay longer! Thanks so much for that package it was amazing! You are the best!!
We had an interesting teaching experience this week ha! We got a call from a man who wanted some books and the media that we hand out. He told us that he lived at the hospital which was a little bit fishy, but we went anyways. The first time we went we couldn't make it because we were on bikes. It started to downpour so bad that we had to wait it out under a tree. Then every time it started to slow down we hopped on our bikes and right before we started pedaling it started to dump down again. That happened about 3 times until we decided it was too bad that we had to wait it out at the church. While we were there probably the biggest storm I've ever seen came through. The thunder shook the building I actually have a video of it it was crazy! So we ended up not seeing him. Then he just kept calling us over and over, and we decided the next day to go see him. He was on the locked down behavioral floor. Most people are there for a week or so, but he's been there for months!! He has schizophrenia and they said he won't take medicine.   I'll have to tell you some of the stories about it.    Oh also we are moving in the next few weeks, so I will give you the address when we get there.
  Well I'm still doing really great! I really love the people here, and the ward has been great to us! I wish that I could just stay here the rest of the time, but I'll have to go eventually. I'll send pictures
of the baptism when it happens in 2 weeks. They are amazing, and their son will be baptizing them. The reaction on his face will be priceless. Every time he talks about it he gets really emotional. It'll be a special moment. Hope you keep having a great summer take care bye!
Elder Cannon

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