Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, August 29, 2016

God Really Does Answer Prayers

It has been a pretty crazy week!! My new companion is Elder Wagstaff, and he is from Tracy, California. It is by San Francisco. He only has 2 more transfers left so he is on his last legs. Good thing he is speeding up, and not going down. He is finishing strong, and has been a really great example to me so far, and I have learned a lot. The teaching is going pretty good. We are meeting with a lot of members and sharing the Restoration with them. When we are sharing it we challenge them to write down names that come to their head. It has been working good! The Watts family was able to make it to church, but we didn't meet with them because of school coming up. Also this Sunday Rusty was able to recieve the aaronic priesthood!! It was such another great experience to be a part of!! He is a man and a half! I really do look up to him. That was an amazing experience.

Also in church there was a girl who struggled with speaking like I do. She started her talk, and  halfway through started crying, and she couldn't finish it. I really felt bad for her, and could feel what she felt. She had a lot of courage to get up there. It really hit me. It also made me think how far I have come. I was even worse than that --I couldn't get up. God really does answer prayers. Christ does fill the gap of what we can't do. It was really just a neat experience to reflect back. I wrote her a little note just saying how much courage she had, and how it helped me a lot, and that God will help her through any weaknesses. It was amazing! She was one of the youth that the lady was telling me about that has struggled with it. It is amazing!

That is so crazy that Ryan is getting married this week! I am sure that he is pretty excited about it.
Well things are still going very fast here!! We are working hard, and loving life! I'm really happy, and glad to be serving. I love these people a lot. And I love this gospel a ton!
Hope you have a fun week at the wedding!!

Elder Cannon

Monday, August 22, 2016


Well it has been quite the week! There is finally a change happening after 4 and a half months. Elder Jackson is going to be leaving and going to Lewisville, and my new companion is going to be Elder Wagstaff. I am pretty nervous, but also very excited!! It'll be good to have a change as well. All I have heard is he is a good fun missionary, and very bold and outgoing.  It should be good for me ha! I don't like changing, but I know that there's a good reason for it, and I am excited to see what happens here!

Well it has been a good week! The Evans are on fire! They will be be a great addition to this ward, and they are ready to serve! Oh also Art Earl received the priesthood, and was able to go bless the sacrament with his son Dennis. It was amazing! He also gave his first talk in sacrament meeting. He bore his testimony of how he knew this was the true church. He started to cry really hard, as he read the poem about footsteps in the sand. He has had a crazy rough past, and has a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ because they helped him through his struggles. and he brought everyone to tears. That really was another one of the most powerful moments I've been apart of. He did amazing!!
We talked to Om and he is still just trying to get his family with him from Nepal. He works a ton, and isn't quite ready for the gospel with all that is going on. We keep seeing him though, and see how he is doing. He will come to it though when he's in the right state to do it. The Watts have been busy and sick so we haven't met with them this week. We still feel really great about them though, and they will probably be baptized this upcoming week, or October! Also the yw lessons will be going again once school starts. There is still a lot of work to be done, and it is exciting to see all that will happen from it! This will be a good transfer!!

Well I still feel really great and am happy! This should be a pretty crazy week, but it'll work out! I really am excited to see all that will happen here in Morganton. I love these people here, and I'm really glad to get to stay for another transfer and help them. That'll be the tougher change when I have to leave. Well I hope you have a great week and that everything works out.  see ya!
Elder Cannon

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Evans Family Baptism

Wow it has been a great week!! The baptism was amazing!! There was another full chapel for it. That family was so happy, and so ready for this covenant with God. There is always a special feeling at baptisms, and it was powerful on Saturday. Especially with a family it was a little bit different! They are all so so excited to go to the temple in a year!! It makes everything more meaningful and worth it. It was a great day, and it's so amazing to help be apart of it, and see their light grow. I love that family a lot! Those were the first missionaries who taught them awhile ago last year. But yeah it was a great day! And I won't forget moments like these. I have gotten pretty close to that family they are good people! Also some news Morganton is going to be getting another set of missionaries this upcoming transfer next Tuesday! That'll be kinda weird, and tough, but will he good, and help, it is exciting!! The work is moving fast over here!!

Well I'm doing good, and feeling happy!! I feel very blessed for getting to see these families change, and come unto Christ. It has strengthened my testimony a lot, and I love doing this work! It is always worth it in the end! I know I'm here for a reason, and Im happy to be here. I'm really being blessed. The watts family should be coming along pretty soon as well. Hopefully this upcoming month they will be ready and willing to become baptized, and start their journey. That family as well really is amazing!! We are continuing to constantly find new families as well. Also the mission is really changing. They have changed the things we set goals for, like how many lessons we teach and things like that, but also they are doing a big Facebook push. To find, and teach over Facebook and Skype. They say that we will be doing a lot more skype lessons, and chats. It'll be different.   I'll update you more on it.
A lot will happen this week! We need to find another apartment for these new missionaries this week, and try and get things figured out. We also should be moving soon, and elder Jackson will most likely be getting transferred he's been here for 6 months. We should be figuring out Saturday what will be happening! It's pretty exciting! Well I hope you have a great week. Thanks for all you do!
Elder Cannon

P.S. We were all able to reunite on Friday at a multi zone conference! It was so crazy to see Elder Richins again! He is still the same, and I missed him a lot.  He is doing really good! We were all companions with each other so it was fun to joke around with each other about all the things that has happened! It was a good mini reunion. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

"Missionary Month"

It has been a great week! The Evans are ready for this Saturday! It has been so amazing to watch them get closer and closer to being ready. They are all excited for this commitment!! It should be another big turnout of people from the ward, and maybe the mission president again we aren't sure. We are really happy and excited for them though! And I may be doing the confirmations, I have never done that yet, but I am excited for them!!
Then yesterday we started what the young women's are calling "missionary month." We started the first lesson yesterday! It was a little rough ha. We are both pretty awkward so it was interesting, but
it still went good and you could feel the spirit. This should be a really great opportunity for all those girls investigating, there could be a lot more baptisms coming up! It's exciting!! It sounds like it has been another crazy crazy week back home! It sounds like almost everyone is going through something pretty major.
Well things are still going well, and I'm feeling great! The work continues to hasten, and there are people being prepared. I love it. Also this Friday is a multi zone conference, and I'll get to see my
first companion, Elder Richins there! That'll be really exciting. I also have been staying in contact with my previous two companions, and they are both doing great! Elder Vause is going to byu In a little bit, and Elder Picard is a zone leader right now. Well I hope you have a great week see ya!
Elder Cannon

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I never get tired of these views

It was a pretty amazing baptism! I've never seen anything quite like it. We just started to teach them the new member lessons, and getting them on point with the temple. That's their ultimate goal. It  really is amazing! Oh yeah that's crazy that President Alexander called! We had interviews with him last week, and he told me he called dad. It surprised me, but that really was nice of him.
    It has been a really great week! We taught the Evans again, and they are still all in for the 13th of August!! They are an amazing family and have been ready for this for awhile! We are so happy for them.
  Also there is about 4 non-members in young women's that are interested, so we will be teaching them the discussions for their lessons on Sunday, and on Wednesday nights. It'll be a little weird, but we are still really excited to teach them and see where it goes! Other than that we just keep trying to find more, and more to teach.
There is a lot going on Here, and it's really exciting! I really am loving it! I feel like I'm getting a little better and more comfortable with sharing my feelings, and teaching. It's a constant battle, but I know that I'm really being blessed and uplifted in this work. It's not me.
It sounds like things are still going great at home! Crazy as usual!  It sounds like a great eventful
Well I'm still doing good, and loving Morganton, and this wonderful gospel. It grows on me more and more. The more I study and dig in the greater desire I have to share. It's great! Well hope you have a great week and stay cool!
Elder Cannon

I never get tired of these views.