Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Evans Family Baptism

Wow it has been a great week!! The baptism was amazing!! There was another full chapel for it. That family was so happy, and so ready for this covenant with God. There is always a special feeling at baptisms, and it was powerful on Saturday. Especially with a family it was a little bit different! They are all so so excited to go to the temple in a year!! It makes everything more meaningful and worth it. It was a great day, and it's so amazing to help be apart of it, and see their light grow. I love that family a lot! Those were the first missionaries who taught them awhile ago last year. But yeah it was a great day! And I won't forget moments like these. I have gotten pretty close to that family they are good people! Also some news Morganton is going to be getting another set of missionaries this upcoming transfer next Tuesday! That'll be kinda weird, and tough, but will he good, and help, it is exciting!! The work is moving fast over here!!

Well I'm doing good, and feeling happy!! I feel very blessed for getting to see these families change, and come unto Christ. It has strengthened my testimony a lot, and I love doing this work! It is always worth it in the end! I know I'm here for a reason, and Im happy to be here. I'm really being blessed. The watts family should be coming along pretty soon as well. Hopefully this upcoming month they will be ready and willing to become baptized, and start their journey. That family as well really is amazing!! We are continuing to constantly find new families as well. Also the mission is really changing. They have changed the things we set goals for, like how many lessons we teach and things like that, but also they are doing a big Facebook push. To find, and teach over Facebook and Skype. They say that we will be doing a lot more skype lessons, and chats. It'll be different.   I'll update you more on it.
A lot will happen this week! We need to find another apartment for these new missionaries this week, and try and get things figured out. We also should be moving soon, and elder Jackson will most likely be getting transferred he's been here for 6 months. We should be figuring out Saturday what will be happening! It's pretty exciting! Well I hope you have a great week. Thanks for all you do!
Elder Cannon

P.S. We were all able to reunite on Friday at a multi zone conference! It was so crazy to see Elder Richins again! He is still the same, and I missed him a lot.  He is doing really good! We were all companions with each other so it was fun to joke around with each other about all the things that has happened! It was a good mini reunion. 

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