Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, August 29, 2016

God Really Does Answer Prayers

It has been a pretty crazy week!! My new companion is Elder Wagstaff, and he is from Tracy, California. It is by San Francisco. He only has 2 more transfers left so he is on his last legs. Good thing he is speeding up, and not going down. He is finishing strong, and has been a really great example to me so far, and I have learned a lot. The teaching is going pretty good. We are meeting with a lot of members and sharing the Restoration with them. When we are sharing it we challenge them to write down names that come to their head. It has been working good! The Watts family was able to make it to church, but we didn't meet with them because of school coming up. Also this Sunday Rusty was able to recieve the aaronic priesthood!! It was such another great experience to be a part of!! He is a man and a half! I really do look up to him. That was an amazing experience.

Also in church there was a girl who struggled with speaking like I do. She started her talk, and  halfway through started crying, and she couldn't finish it. I really felt bad for her, and could feel what she felt. She had a lot of courage to get up there. It really hit me. It also made me think how far I have come. I was even worse than that --I couldn't get up. God really does answer prayers. Christ does fill the gap of what we can't do. It was really just a neat experience to reflect back. I wrote her a little note just saying how much courage she had, and how it helped me a lot, and that God will help her through any weaknesses. It was amazing! She was one of the youth that the lady was telling me about that has struggled with it. It is amazing!

That is so crazy that Ryan is getting married this week! I am sure that he is pretty excited about it.
Well things are still going very fast here!! We are working hard, and loving life! I'm really happy, and glad to be serving. I love these people a lot. And I love this gospel a ton!
Hope you have a fun week at the wedding!!

Elder Cannon

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