Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I never get tired of these views

It was a pretty amazing baptism! I've never seen anything quite like it. We just started to teach them the new member lessons, and getting them on point with the temple. That's their ultimate goal. It  really is amazing! Oh yeah that's crazy that President Alexander called! We had interviews with him last week, and he told me he called dad. It surprised me, but that really was nice of him.
    It has been a really great week! We taught the Evans again, and they are still all in for the 13th of August!! They are an amazing family and have been ready for this for awhile! We are so happy for them.
  Also there is about 4 non-members in young women's that are interested, so we will be teaching them the discussions for their lessons on Sunday, and on Wednesday nights. It'll be a little weird, but we are still really excited to teach them and see where it goes! Other than that we just keep trying to find more, and more to teach.
There is a lot going on Here, and it's really exciting! I really am loving it! I feel like I'm getting a little better and more comfortable with sharing my feelings, and teaching. It's a constant battle, but I know that I'm really being blessed and uplifted in this work. It's not me.
It sounds like things are still going great at home! Crazy as usual!  It sounds like a great eventful
Well I'm still doing good, and loving Morganton, and this wonderful gospel. It grows on me more and more. The more I study and dig in the greater desire I have to share. It's great! Well hope you have a great week and stay cool!
Elder Cannon

I never get tired of these views.

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