Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Just love people.

Yeah it has been pretty insane! It was another great week! We have even more people to teach. The work right now is really like a wild fire. It is crazy!! We have 5 new investigators this week. It's been pretty amazing. It is kind of tough to keep track of everything, and give everyone the attention that they need, but thank goodness God has it in control. He won't let anyone slip out if they aren't supposed to. That brings me comfort- ha. It has been well worth it though, and I'm really loving it.
The weather is just now starting to cool off. It has been a very hot summer, but It is in the 80s now. I'm way excited for fall! And to see the colors here, I've heard it's amazing!
It sounds like a fun trip to California! I'm glad y'all got back safely. They look really happy together! That is sad to hear about the Haramotos, I can't even imagine how that would feel. I feel really bad. Well there's so much happening I don't really know what to say.  Something I just really have thought about is how important it is just to love people. To love them for who they are, and what they can become. I think that's a key to being happy is just looking out for others. That's made me the most  happy is just loving others, and being a friend. Everyone needs a boost. I really love these people, and this gospel. It's pretty special. Well I Hope you have a great week and that it stays cool take care!
Elder Cannon
Pretty sunset across Rhodiss Lake

This is on top of dam looking at the Henry River.  Part of the Hunger Games Movie was filmed here.

This is town of District 12 in Hunger games.  It is a ghost town.

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