Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, October 24, 2016

District Meeting in Virginia

It sounds like a really fun eventful week this week! Things have been going pretty well in Mount Airy! Oh and thank you for that package.  It sure did help! I already ate the trail mix stuff-it's addicting!
Anyways things have been going really well! We weren't able to meet with that lady Judy, but we are meeting with her on Thursday, and she is still interested in taking the lessons. We have high hopes for her still! She is a very smart lady, and the gospel would bless her life so much.

There is another person I wanted to talk about his name is Mack.  He has been coming to church regularly for over 4 years, is very active, has a solid testimony, has taken the missionary lessons multiple times, watches conference, goes to gospel doctrine instead of gospel principles, but hasn't been baptized yet. He is what missionaries call "a dry Mormon" or an "eternal investigator". He really is a good man though, and I know someday soon he will be baptized. He says that he for sure sees himself being baptized someday, just needs to work on a few things.  We will keep steady contact and help him all that we can. He is a good man.

We hope to see the work hasten more. We are working hard, and trying to put it out there. It's been great though I really love it and love the people! I hope you have a great week take care!

Elder Cannon

P.S.  These pictures are from a district meeting in Virginia.  We talked about the Book of Mormon if you can't tell.

This is the cheesiest most awkward looking picture ever

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