Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Parade

This week has been real good! We got spoiled this week from thanksgiving!

(Here is the message and picture we got from the Davis Family in North Carolina::

Happy Thanksgiving! It was such a blessing having your Elder over for our feast. We enjoyed his sweet spirit and his service. He did the dishes and was a huge help! I'm not use to having that much help. I wasn't sure how to act. :)
You have done a fabulous job and raised a fine young man!

He looks healthy and seems to be doing very well.

Oh, & I told him I was going to email you and he said to tell you " Happy Thanksgiving".

Ha yeah most of the time I don't enjoy doing dishes, but I've noticed I love doing it for others now! I don't like doing it for myself at the apartment, but at members homes or really anywhere else If it's for someone else I really enjoy it. I'm sure you wished I was like that at home for our dishes ha.

That sounds like you had a great time together I'm sure it was really good! I miss things like that, but it is all worth it. Family really is where happiness is.

We weren't able to meet with Judy this week she was out of town for something, so hopefully we will get to meet with her this week. It's been a little slow, but we are still working hard!

I'm sure you've seen the Christmas initiative this year, light the world. I'm way excited about it!
It should be really good! I hope y'all get involved with it!

Well I'm not sure what to write about this week ha. I feel and learn so much on a daily basis that I don't know what to share. Nothing too new or crazy happened this week and I say the same thing every week it feels like ha! It is true though! love this gospel with all my heart! The more I study, and share it the happier it makes me. I get excited about things that would bore me to death back at home ha! Like this Christmas initiative, there's a Christmas cantata this year on Christmas for sacrament meeting, and even going out and caroling with the missionaries! I get excited about this stuff! Even though I still won't sing on the skype call ha! It's just crazy how much I feel that I've grown. Elder Marsh was saying the other day of how amazing it is how much I've changed. He said that I have no hints of being someone who had social anxiety, and am more confident than a lot of missionaries who don't have any problems. It's amazing to reflect and ponder on how much he has blessed me, and changed me. I'm not the same in a good way! But yeah I'm doing good and really enjoying sharing and learning the gospel. It's been such a blessing! And I'm happy! I hope you have a great week take care!!
Elder Cannon

P.S.  We were in the Mount Airy Annual Christmas parade on Saturday.  It was chilly but fun.  I think that is the first parade I've ever been in.  Also we ran into Andy and Opie.

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