Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Things have been going really well! It sounds like you have had a pretty good busy week so far!
There was one thing I wanted to share I was given the oppurtunity to share my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday. I am still not a very good speaker, and was pretty nervous to get up there. I bore my testimony of Jesus Christ. It was very short, but it was from the heart. After the meeting during the 5th Sunday lesson, the Ward mission leader made a comment during the 5th Sunday lesson when we were talking about missionary work. It was on trusting the missionaries. He said he has felt the spirit the strongest in 2 sacrament meetings, when someone named James gave a talk, and when Elder Cannon spoke in sacrament meeting today. I also heard someone else say that if an investigator had listened to Elder Cannon speak today they would have felt the spirit. Ha I'm not used to that kind of attention. It wasn't anything that I said though, it was just the spirit working through. It's been amazing to really see what God can do through us. It was a pretty amazing experience. It is still so hard to speak in sacrament meeting and I'm horrible at it, but I can do it so I won't complain ha.

Well this week we were able to teach Judy. She is a sad soul to see. She questions the love of God. She believes in a god that he created everything, but questions If he really knows her, and cares about what's going on in the world. She said she just wants things to make sense, and to feel peace. She's desperately seeking for peace. It will take time, but I feel like if she really tries and seeks the truth she can recieve that peace. It would be amazing to watch her change. She is a very sweet lady.
Well I'll add the testimony to this here and just count that for my email pretty much ha. I kind of went all over the place, but oh well.

(Note from Denise:  I asked Elder Cannon to share his testimony for a project someone in our stake is doing and collecting all of the missionaries' testimonies)

Well serving a mission has been a real blessing for me. I have overcome fears, and have had my testimony of the Savior and His Gospel grow so much. I love to share, and bear my testimony. The more I speak of Jesus Christ the better I feel, and the deeper it sinks into my soul. It is an amazing feeling to feel the spirit, and I crave to have it. I've really developed in love I feel like. To look at others before yourself brings happiness. The lowest points that I've been at have been when I'm completely focused on me, and my most joyous moments have been when I'm focused on others. Love brings joy. I have felt so much peace and joy from caring and loving for others. It makes it a whole lot easier to teach as well when you are teaching them with genuine love. The spirit is stronger, and you will speak from the heart.
I still just remember vividly going into the first home of someone's house in Salt Lake. It was this couple who were feeding us dinner. I remember just talking to them, asking about themselves, and just feeling pure love and joy. We weren't even talking about the gospel, just what was going on in their life. It made me so happy to talk with people, and get to know them. The moment I looked at others first is when it made me happy.
The gospel does bless families. Coming on a mission made me realize how blessed I was to be in the family that I am. We were taught, nurtured, and brought up in the gospel. That did make a difference for me, and I saw that in a lot of families. Both good examples, and bad examples. It has made me more aware of what I want to raise my kids In, and how to prepare to be a father. It has made me excited to be a father and husband, not in a weird way, but to just watch families grow together. From an outside view, watching how they talk to each other, and treat one another. To see how much happiness and love that they have in their families. That is where the most love and happiness cultivates, is in the family. I'm excited for that. Those that are living the Gospel, and those that aren't, have a night and day difference of how they act. It has made me much more aware of the blessings of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being on a mission has made me more aware of a lot of things.Seeing this has increased my desire to share it with others. People need this.  It would save a lot of sorrow and contention in the family.
I could ramble on about how great this is, but I am happy to be serving a mission. It's hard and rough, but it's doable and so stinkin worth it! There isn't much of a better feeling that I have felt then watching a family or individual start a change within themselves. To realize what is in store for living the fullness of his gospel, and to watch them begin their journey towards the temple. It's worth it.
It also just amazes me of how much Heavenly Father is aware of everyone. It can be hard to see with all the negativity going throughout the world, but I am sure and know that He is still working miracles for us. He is so aware of everyone individually. He loves all of us.
It's hard to share everything that I feel and know from serving so far. I have learned so much, and have felt so much. I do know In my heart that living by Gods way is worth the struggle. The world makes it look so easy to have a good time and enjoy yourself, but that is not happiness. Happiness is found in God, because He loves us and wants us to be happy and successful. I know that he has blessed me, and changed my life.

Well I hope you continue to have a great week! And that you have a Happy Halloween!
Elder Cannon

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