Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas and Transfer News

(From Elder Cannon's mom:
We had a great visit with Elder Cannon.  He looked happy and healthy.  We also showed him the snow outside and his dog, Sunny).

Yeah I really enjoyed it! I was pretty excited for it! I'm sorry for how awkward I was ha I really was happy to talk to y'all though!
Yeah I'm still not sure on who I will be with. I don't know if we will get permission to send one out tonight to let you know what's happening or not? I may be able to do that tonight but I'm not sure?
Either way it'll be all good and I'm excited for the new transfer and the new year! I will be with the other set of elders here until Thursday. Anyways I hope you have a great week and tell Isaac happy
birthday for me! I can't believe he will be 17!? That is crazy! But anyways I'm still doing very well and I am happy. It's hard to explain how much I am learning and feeling. I just know that the gospel is the only way to happiness. It is so simple, and I will always hold to these truths. I'm grateful to be here! Have a great week! Take care!  Elder Cannon

Later in the evening...
Well I do have some news now. I am staying in Mount Airy. I do not know who my companion is yet, because I will be training a new missionary, so that should be interesting. I also got more news on top
of that.   I will also be a district leader. It was quite the shock ha! I'm a little nervous for it, but I'm excited too! This should be an interesting transfer! Take care good night!

This is a group of elders who have served in Morganton. This was taken at a Christmas conference we had this week.

Crazy Christmas sweaters

I don't know why they keep trying to do these jumping pictures. They didn't workout too well with this big of a group ha.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It has been a pretty great week!  It's crazy this is the last week of the transfer. So Elder Marsh is going home next week. It'll be a hard working push week! So for the Skype call I'll have known by then who my next companion will be. I will also probably email you the night before what time I will call. Is there a time that day that wouldn't work for y'all? Just let me know what would be the best. We don't have any big plans that I know of for Christmas. I know the choir here is putting on a cantata Christmas morning, and we are going to a members house for lunch, so it should be pretty good!

 Also this week I had to give a 10 minute training in zone meeting this week. That was a little stressful.  It was to a big group of missionaries, but it didn't go too bad ha. It is very humbling to think back and just how much change there has been. He has been blessing me in so many ways and a lot faster than I imagined. Things went well this week though. We finally met with Judy this week! She is still struggling pretty bad. Her son passed away around this time of year, so it is kind of tough on her. She has always been kinda sad and depressed, but when we met with her this week that was the first time she cried. I also gave her that book you sent me and that picture. She seemed very grateful and said thank you. I hope that she is able to read that, and feel of its peace. I will keep you updated on her. We also went out caroling this week to a lot of older couples they were very grateful and it sure made you feel good! There was one old man who started to cry when he was saying thank you. It was a sad tender moment. He was a lonely man, and we will plan to visit him more often.
It sounds like you have been having a fun time this week! I can't believe how many parties and events were happening! I'm sure that it will still be crazy all the way up to the new year.
Well yeah I'm still doing really good! I'll send you an email the day before or something and figure out the Skype call it'll be great! Take care!
Elder Cannon

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Went to jail

Sorry the email is late.  Its been a crazy day.  Well this week has been pretty good so far. We weren't able to meet with Judy because she was still sick, but we have a lesson set up for this Friday, so we hope it works out! There was some good news! I don't know if I have mentioned Mack yet or not? He has been coming to church for years, and has a great understanding but just for some reason hasn't been baptized. Well this week we have had some good signs that he is close to that. Yesterday we had a stake conference in Winston, and President and Sister Alexander were there. Anyways the whole conference was really really good, but the best part was what president Alexander said at the end. I guess while he was up on the stand he saw Mack and visioned him in white. He told Mack afterwards that's what he saw, and Mack said his days are becoming few. It was amazing to hear! We are going to meet with him this week, and go over the baptismal interview questions with him to see if he really wants this, and feels committed to keeping this covenant. We are excited to see what happens! He may be getting baptized pretty soon. It's been a crazy process and taking a lot of prayer and thinking, but he is close! It's very good news!!
Well I'll talk to you next week! Thanks for all you do take care!

Here are some random pictures.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mission President Interviews

Hello hello! Things are going great! The weather really isn't that bad compared to Utah! It feels like the fall still, but it's really nice I love it. It sounds like you have had a very eventful week! It sounds like it is really nice at cannon beach this time of year. That is also very exciting about Austin (Robinette) and Carlee!!
Well we had interviews with the mission president this week, and those are always really good. President Alexander is an amazing guy, and I sure do look up to him. We had a really positive visit though, and you always feel better afterwards. He said a couple things that have still stuck with me. He always expresses how much he and sister Alexander love me, and how proud they are. I can feel that he really means that too. He said he feels I am one of the true miracles of this mission. And he said pretty boldly, "you cannot go back to how you were Elder Cannon! You cannot do it!" I was nodding my head and smiling and said I sure won't. And he said, "And I know that you won't." And he said that last part with a big smile. And I sure won't either. I can't go back it just can't happen. He also said to prepare for opportunities of service that will make you stretch and grow more. I don't know what he or God has in plan, but I am ready and striving to be better and keep stretching. I have come a long ways, but there's a lot farther to go. He also said how I have a subtle and quiet conviction about me that is strong, and that he can feel. It's amazing how personal his advice is and the personal love he has for each of his missionaries. He is a great guy!
We didn't get to meet with Judy again she is still sick, but we have her number so we call her every few days and check up on her I think she enjoys that. I'll keep you updated on her. It's still a little slow here, but it'll pick up. The Christmas initiative helps to contact and get people excited! Success is around the corner I feel. We are working hard. Another thing that's always a good reminder too. Is no matter how hard you work it won't mean anything. He has to be involved. This is His work. If we aren't doing this by the spirit and praying for guidance it's just us out here alone. There needs to be a good combo.

Yeah well I'm still feeling pretty good and doing well! As usual I say this probably every single time but I love the gospel and these people out here. It doesn't really matter where you serve if you are striving to help people you will love them and see the good. There's good in everyone! Even the worst of the worst have tons of good!
Thanks for all that you do I will talk to you next week take care! Elder Cannon
President and Sister Alexander took us out to lunch.