Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It has been a pretty great week!  It's crazy this is the last week of the transfer. So Elder Marsh is going home next week. It'll be a hard working push week! So for the Skype call I'll have known by then who my next companion will be. I will also probably email you the night before what time I will call. Is there a time that day that wouldn't work for y'all? Just let me know what would be the best. We don't have any big plans that I know of for Christmas. I know the choir here is putting on a cantata Christmas morning, and we are going to a members house for lunch, so it should be pretty good!

 Also this week I had to give a 10 minute training in zone meeting this week. That was a little stressful.  It was to a big group of missionaries, but it didn't go too bad ha. It is very humbling to think back and just how much change there has been. He has been blessing me in so many ways and a lot faster than I imagined. Things went well this week though. We finally met with Judy this week! She is still struggling pretty bad. Her son passed away around this time of year, so it is kind of tough on her. She has always been kinda sad and depressed, but when we met with her this week that was the first time she cried. I also gave her that book you sent me and that picture. She seemed very grateful and said thank you. I hope that she is able to read that, and feel of its peace. I will keep you updated on her. We also went out caroling this week to a lot of older couples they were very grateful and it sure made you feel good! There was one old man who started to cry when he was saying thank you. It was a sad tender moment. He was a lonely man, and we will plan to visit him more often.
It sounds like you have been having a fun time this week! I can't believe how many parties and events were happening! I'm sure that it will still be crazy all the way up to the new year.
Well yeah I'm still doing really good! I'll send you an email the day before or something and figure out the Skype call it'll be great! Take care!
Elder Cannon

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