Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Baptism scheduled for Saturday

Hey! Things are going pretty well. We have been having a good week here in Lancaster.  Edwin is getting baptized on Saturday and we get to go down to it. It'll be in charlotte. He has came a long ways, and I can tell that he is happier. He has been applying the gospel, and it's making a difference in his life. I'm way happy for him! I've noticed on Facebook he mostly posts church stuff, he has changed a lot since the first time we met him. He's a lot more mature, and genuine.

We had a powerful lesson this week with an investigator who is an older lady named Josephine. We taught the restoration, and the member we were with said it was the most powerful experience being with missionaries he's been apart of. He said watching from the outside he didn't want to speak or interrupt , that everything we said from the very beginning had power, and he could feel the spirit. It was very reassuring to hear that, ITs an amazing feeling to know God can use us for teaching his restored gospel. It is not me. She was pretty receptive though, she did not fully accept the baptismal invite, but is praying and reading about the Book of Mormon. I have high hopes for her!

We also had a zone conference this week which was good as usual! Things are still going really good, and we are working hard. We have been surviving the heat and having a good time! It's going faster and faster. When the members out here keep saying hay I'm getting closer it's hard to comprehend it will actually end. I know it's getting close, but it'll be a weird day for sure! I'm happy though and love
serving the lord! Thanks for all you do!
Elder Cannon

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4th of July Fun

Oh yeah there are some rough hot days but I'm hanging there! That is pretty hot! It hasn't been that hot temperature wise, but it has felt pretty rough with the humidity.
This week has been a pretty average week as well. It is still great though! We were invited to a members house for a shrimp boil and fireworks on the 4th. It was really fun and good! We played around in the yard with the kids for a good while, and by the end we were dripping wet. It was a great day though! The people here in the branch spoil us like crazy!
All the pestanas have been having some craziness lately! Emely, who is Ramon's daughter that was baptized in January, just had her baby recently. She is a really cute little girl, but she got a bad fever so they took her to the hospital. They have to keep her for like a week to run different tests, and since she is just 2 weeks old. Anyways we went down with the branch president yesterday to the children's hospital in Charlotte and gave the little baby a blessing. I was able to give part of it, and it was a very interesting feeling. There is something about new born babies, I don't know how to describe it, but it was amazing! They are doing better though and should come back tomorrow. Then miryan who is Ramon's daughter as well is having her baby very soon! She has been having a lot of pain and they think she will be having her baby early--she was due in mid-August. We gave her a blessing as well since she's been in a lot of pain. That is such a great family though! They have strong faiths in God and Jesus Christ. When we go over the girls get so excited and grab the books and pass them out. We usually read a chapter with them. They just soak it up, and feel a lot. Edwin is also still planning on being baptized the 22nd in Charlotte.
Anyways things are going great! Im happy as ever and loving the work! It's hard to think of how much I have felt through this all. I know with all my heart that God is no respecter of persons, but loves all of his children so very much. I'm glad to hear things are going good at home! I hope you have a great week! Take care!
Elder Cannon


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pretty average week

Hey yeah the baptism was a great experience! Not a whole of change has happened this week. It was pretty average, but it was still a great week! We did a lot of good grunt work, and hopefully we start to see some more good things happening here. We don't have a ton of people to teach after the recent baptisms, and Edwin moving but we are working on that. It's been great here so far!
The wedding looked awesome! They look very happy and excited to be together. I can't wait to go to Cannon Beach again someday.  I always love the weather there! I got their wedding announcement as a little surprise and forgot that that was coming up. I Feel like a lot has happened since I've been gone, and I am sure there will still be more to come in the next couple months.
Nothing too crazy has happened I'm just hanging in here, and working hard. I can feel God working through me, and it is one of the best feelings there are. I really want to develop that more and more. I
love feeling his influence in my life! I love seeing other people as well noticing it more!
Thanks for all you do, take care!
Elder Cannon

Monday, June 26, 2017

Jason's Baptism

Hey! it's been a pretty good busy week!
Jason had his baptism on Saturday and that went really well. He was pretty nervous, but the spirit was strong and he looked happy. He shared his testimony about his relationship with God. He said at the beginning he didn't believe in God because of all he went through as a youth, but when he moved from his family and went into the marines that's where he started to feel Him in his life. He just shared a powerful testimony and story of how he came to feel Him and know that he's loved. Then he talked about having his eyes opened and learning more as he has been taking lessons. He has came a long ways and is a great man. I was really happy for him! He then got married the next day, and they are planning to be sealed all together in a year! I hope to be able to go to that.
So my new companion Elder Hurst is great! He has 3 months left on his mission so we are both old dogs ha. We get along really good though and are working hard. I feel like a lot happened, but I can't think of it all. We are having another activity today, so I don't have time to type it out longer but I'm still doing great and am a happy camper! I love these people here. There is a special feeling at church each week, and being around them! I am happy and love serving them and God.
Have a great week, take care!
Elder Cannon

This was on our way home from picking up Elder Hurst.  It was nice of a member to drive us and feed us lunch.

Here is a park near our house that was flooded-it rains a ton here!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Getting a new companion

Hey I'm doing pretty good! Oh yeah that was a fun adventure ha. They just cleaned the carpet, and it doesn't smell anymore so I think we are good.
We found out some transfer news. Elder Buffaloe is getting transferred and my new companion will be elder hurst. I don't know a ton about him, but I know he's from Preston Idaho so he is close. I've heard from other missionaries that he is really good guy and missionary, so I'm excited for this upcoming transfer! Other than that not a whole ton has happened this week. Jason is still good for the 24th of June which is this Saturday! He seems to be learning and accepting it well.
We are excited for him. His attitude and countenance has definitely changed from the first time I met him. He's excited about the gospel and loves it. It'll be a good day for him and his family. We have been working hard, and keep trying to find that next person or family who is ready. Things are going good here.
I would type out more but we have a district activity today at a park so I got to go. But I'm doing well and love this service. This gospel is pure and true. We make mistakes and have from the beginning. We needed someone perfect so we could repent and be forgiven. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love us they do everything for our behalf. I love sharing my feelings and testimony with others. Hope your week is great take care!
Elder Cannon

Friday, June 16, 2017

Award for Cleanest apartment?

Well a lot has happened this week it has been pretty good ha! This will be a longer one.
We had a zone conference this week with the Alexanders and it was really good. He did a training on being personable missionaries and went through a list of 10 different traits or habits personable people have. Anyways the 3rd one was a personable person remembers things about you. Elder Richins was sitting next to me and kept saying I need to say something and that it'll make me famous. Eventually I did say something and I made a comment on that about listening to others. And then Elder Buffaloe made a comment a little after that about me, saying how I'm a good listener and all these things. I wasn't expecting that kind of attention, and I thought it was over. Then he got to the next point and it was on listening. He then said, "Elder Cannon come up here."  I was like oh shoot, and he put his arm around me and looked out at everyone and said Elder Cannon is one of the greatest listeners that I have met. He said a few other things but I just didn't like the attention ha. He then said, give us some advice on listening to people.  What do you do? And I didn't know what to say.   I said something to the effect of, I just don't talk as much, and I ask them questions about them. Or something like that. He said some other nice things but I for sure wasn't expecting that. I was just trying to be ambitious and say a comment, and it turned into all of that ha. President Alexander always has a way though of making me feel good about myself in every interview or time we see him. He is a really good man.

We had some more sad news with Edwin.  He kind of went off the deep end with progressing towards baptism. He got a girlfriend that has 3 kids, and just started to get really mean towards us swearing and what not. There are a lot of other things that have happened too. He just is a little confused.  I hope his eyes will be opened up soon.

Oh and then the other thing we had happen was Friday night our apartment flooded. We were cooking dinner and noticed our toilet downstairs started to bubble up, and I didn't think anything of if and kept cooking, but about 10 minutes later elder buffaloe came running out of the bathroom saying "oh crap!"( literally) gushing out of the toilet came musty poopy filled water, and it was chucking out. We got it turned off, but it flooded our whole kitchen, and into the carpet a little bit. As soon as I saw the toilet overflowing with nasty water I just started to laugh, because I knew our whole night was gone, and it would be spent cleaning now ha. We talked to the guys outside and they said there was a main sewer clog and that's why it flooded, but they didn't inform anyone not to flush. They then said that we are on our own, because they were already on overtime. ( that's what made it gross too was that it was everyone's waste that came shooting through our toilet), So they gave us a shop vac and headed out. We made a run to Walmart and got a ton of cleaning supplies, and cleaned it out for a few hours. We had to move all the appliances and clean  behind them too. The worst part is the carpet, we had fans running on it, but the sewage water soaked through and it wreaks now. They will probably have to change the carpet. It was quite the adventure. What made it funnier was that we won an award at zone conference for having the cleanest house in the mission. It was 2 days later that this happened.  It was a  curse. We are getting some good experience.

It has been a good week though.  We have been working hard to get a deeper teaching pool. We don't have many people after Jason. We have met some good people, and we hope to meet more. Jason is doing good and working towards the 24th still for his baptism. He is a great man and I'm excited for him!

Well a lot happened but it's been great, and I still feel really happy. I'm glad to be here. I feel a lot for these people, and a lot towards God. Oh also thank you for the package I really do appreciate it! It is awesome! Have a great week take care!
Elder Cannon
Being awarded the cleanest apartment awards

Monday, June 5, 2017

Mission President Fireside

Hey it's been a pretty good week! It has been pretty interesting ha.  Edwin who was on date for the 24th recently had some opposition, and as we taught him one of the commandments he didn't want to live it. He kind of shut down and lost his desire to be baptized. He didn't come to church, and has been kind of ignoring us. It made us pretty sad. But the good news is he texted us this morning and said he wants to start meeting again! So we will see how it goes but we hope that he can just be happy! Then Jason is still doing really good and excited for the 24th of June for his baptism! He came with us to a mission president fireside in Charlotte and heard testimonies from recent converts and the Alexanders. It was really neat and he enjoyed it. Ramon and his wife also came down, and he is still doing great!
I am still doing well and feel great. I love being here and feeling the spirit, and feeling love for these people. I feel like I am learning a lot each time I study too. One of the greatest feelings is feeling that God can do his work through me. I have felt that and know that I'm so blessed to be here and be a part of His work.  I do love it. I truly will miss it when the time comes to leave. There will be great things ahead though!
That sounds like a good week to me! That is crazy that the Beus'ss are moving I remember when they moved in to the ward. That is also exciting to hear that Wyatt is close to turning his papers in. HE will be a great missionary.  Hopefully we get to cross paths.
Thanks for all that you do! I hope you have a great week!
Elder Cannon

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Fireflies are out!

Hey! ! It's good to hear how things are going. I can't believe it's getting to be summer already. The fireflies are out and I love it! It feels a lot more tropical and humid down here then my other areas. I'm glad we have a car but it still gets cookin.
Well it has been quite the week! I think mentioned last week that Edwin and Jason are both on date, and that still stands. They are both progressing really really fast! They have actually been reading ahead in the pamphlets and studying the Sunday school lesson before church and everything ha! I've never seen anything like it. They may be getting baptized sooner than we think. They are both great though, and I can already tell a difference in them. We have taught them both about 3 times this week.
We have some more potential too with Ramon's family. He has 2 kids in the Dominican Republic and he wants to have them move over here. He said if they do he wants them to investigate the church. That family has been big to the branch. Here is some genealogy for them. Ramon and his wife are both members. Then they have 2 girls emeley, and miryan. Emely was baptized in January and has 2 girls, and 1 on the way. Miryan was baptized a few years ago and has 5 kids with 1 on the way. Jason is her boyfriend/fiancé. And Edwin is emely and miryans cousin, so Ramon's nephew. It is pretty complex but there has been a lot of work out of this family. They are all amazing too and great people!
Anyways things are going really good, and I'm loving it! Thanks for all you do! I hope y'all have a great week!
P.s do you think you could send my running shoes? We have a track near our apartment we could go run at. Maybe it'll give me more motivation to work out harder too ha.

A few more pictures:  Fixing a floor after a toilet leak

Paintball Pioneer Football

Some of the wildlife here

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ramon's Baptism

Well it's been a pretty eventful week this week!
To start off we had the baptism for Ramon Pestana on Saturday, and that was such a spiritual  experience. Just getting to know him for the last 2 weeks he is an amazing man who has a true desire to change his life. After he was baptized and came out of the water he was just crying and emotional. He shared his testimony at the end of the service and it was one of the most sincere heartfelt testimonies I've heard. He was in tears as he was talking about being able to return to his dad again. It was just amazing for everyone!
His nephew Edwin was at the baptism as well and he got to talk to President Alexander.  All he could say was that he wants to be baptized and be in Ramon's shoes. We were able to set a date for June 24th and he was way happy! We also set another date yesterday with Ramon's daughters boyfriend who just started investigating. His date is July 8th. They are both pretty excited about it, and are committed to do all they can to receive this covenant, so it's been a very exciting week! Things are looking well here and I'm excited for it!
It is heating up even more too I can't believe it's not even June yet it feels like the middle of summer!
Things are good though and I'm happy in this service! I love it! Have a great week! Take care!
Elder Cannon

Monday, May 15, 2017

Life in South Carolina

Well it was great to skype y'all! That's crazy it's the last one and I'll be back in October. It is creeping up fast.
This week has been pretty crazy! There were a lot of great things that happened. I mentioned that a man Ramon is being baptized this Saturday. He is such a great humble man who has a desire to be with his dad again and get his life straight. His family is amazing too! They feed us every  ednesday! We are also starting to teach his nephew too Edwin and he wants to be baptized ha! We had The first lesson with him on Wednesday and after it he said so when do I have the interview to be baptized?  I've never had that happen before! but we are excited for him! He also has wanted to repent and change after the death of his grandpa. There's great things happening here!
It has been very different than Mount Airy.  The first few days I felt lost and kinda home sick for Mount Airy. I feel better now though! It is completely different though.   I like it! It has its own beauty and I'm happy to be here serving! I already have felt a lot for these people! I walked into the chapel here on like Thursday or something when my companion was in the bathroom, and I just had the spirit come over me and I felt good. There are great things that will happen here.
I'll be sure to send more next week! It was great to see everyone and remember I still have a family and people who love me ha! Thanks for all you do! Take care  Elder Cannon

Here is my new address:
439 Colonial Avenue Apartment D Lancaster, South Carolina 29720
Saying Goodbye to  Bishop's Bradley's family.

Saying goodbye to Jeff and his mom.  He is always pulling something.
First day in South Carolina.  Its pretty here.  Its just a few hours from the coast.

My new companion, Elder Buffaloe

Monday, May 8, 2017

Farewell Mount Airy

Oh yeah I'm getting transferred tomorrow morning! All the way down south ha! It is the lowest part of the mission.
Well a lot has happened this week I'm not really sure where to start. On Friday we had a great  surprise! The Earls were in Mount  Airy for some sight seeing and called us to take us to lunch. So we got to eat with them and catch up on everything. They seem to be happy and are still on fire! They are taking temple prep classes and plan to go this summer to receive their endowments and be sealed.  That made me beyond happy!! They also talked about how their family was doing and their callings in the church. It was amazing to see their fire and spirit in them. They have came a long ways and are doing great! He also said the Evans are doing great and Rusty just received the Melchizedek  Priesthood. It was happy for me to hear they are doing good and staying close to god.

Then Saturday was a big day. That night we had dinner with Mack and his daughter. I've talked about Mack before, but he comes just about every week believes in the gospel, but just hasn't been baptized. Anyways we had our message with them, and during the video my heart started to burn and beat like crazy. It was one of the strongest most urgent feelings I have felt. I knew I needed to ask him about baptism. I wasn't sure how to say it so I just said after the video, "Mack, during that video my heart was pounding and I feel that I need to ask you about something. I know you have been asked a lot and we have talked about it before, but how do you feel about being baptized by someone who holds  the priesthood authority of god?" It was quiet for a second and he said "well I've been thinking about it a lot lately. A lot more than I ever have in the past." We talked a lot more about it and then invited him to pray and ask if it is what he needs to do and when. The elders are going to follow up with him this week. I feel strongly that Mack is going to be ready to set a date and follow through. It was a neat experience, and he seemed to be more open and friendly after that. I remember leaving their house just feeling the spirit so strong those feeling I felt during that video was intense.

Then that night we received transfer calls and I am going to be getting transferred to Lancaster, South Carolina. It is a little Branch down there, and my companion will be Elder Buffaloe. So it should be a little warmer, but it's a full car area so it'll work out good! It hurt to hear that news even though I knew it would be coming. On Sunday I shared my testimony and I had it planned out in my head what I was going to say, and to make it just kind of easy going and not sad or anything. I got up there and looked at the people that I've served with for 7 months and it hurt. I said well the news I'm going to share will surprise y'all. Then just couldn't speak. It took me a good while before I could say anything after that. I don't really remember everything I said but I remember saying thanks for all they did, and that God is so aware of them and their families, and that I have felt the love of God for them. I shared my brief testimony of God and what I feel. Then sat back down. I'm not sure why I get choked up and do that when I get up there. I do know the spirit was there. The testimonies after that really touched me too. A few members talked about that a little. There was one quote that hit me. His name is Charlie Brown an older man ha. He said something to the effect of, "If the Savior stood up here I don't think there would be any difference in what we felt during Elder Cannons testimony." It was so humbling to hear things like that. I know how weak at speaking I am but people still feel something powerful. There is nothing other than God working through me with the spirit. It's such an amazing grateful feeling to know that he can use me. There's nothing He can't do. After the meeting a lot of them came up and gave hugs and talked about the memories and what not. These are great people. You really feel a lot of love for people when you serve them and with them, hear all of their family experiences, get to really know them personally, teach with them, teach them, and just labor with them. I feel so much.
Well I know that was a novel ha. It all built up to now. There was even more that has happened but I can't explain it all. I am nervous about the transfer, but I know that's normal. I can endure anything for the amount of time I have left ha. It'll work out. It'll be neat to see what God has in store for me in Lancaster South Carolina.
I also gave a letter and Book of Mormon to Tim from the Jones Center this morning. I have become very close with him. We really have such a strong friendship and bond. I poured my heart into that letter and said that this is what will give him that last little bit of peace in his life that he's looking for and to really listen to the missionaries. I put a lot more into it, but I hope and pray he will read and pray and meet with the missionaries. If not soon it'll happen some day. I'll also be delivering a wood Cannon to the Bradley boys tonight ha. They should like it! Today will be the last goodbyes and then back to work.
Jeff drew out the Cannon and I was going to have it for myself, but when I started wood burning it I thought the Bishop's son Drew who calls me Elder Cannonball would like it the most.   So I'm giving it to him tonight.

This was a pie that Sister Vindich made she also left a nice note. She is great!

It sounds like it has been a great week in Utah! I hope things keep going well for y'all! Thanks for all your support and prayers it Is felt.
I am still doing good and am happy! It's been a great time here in Mount Airy and I will miss them a lot.
Take care!
Elder Cannon

Here are some more random pictures:

Looks like the Sacred Grove

District Meeting

                                                      More of the beautiful countryside

It's a blurry picture but this is Tim we worked out with him this morning. He was a professional wrestler and one of the nicest guys I know. (He thought it would be funny if he had the little weights and we had the big ones, he can lift way way more than we can!)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Probably last week in Mount Airy

Yeah it's been either raining or way hot. Its raining way hard right now! But It's also getting up into the 80s and is way humid. I don't think I'm ready for another summer here.  It gets bad. It's already getting to the point where you have to shower mid day as well. But I just have to endure one more summer ha.
I'm doing pretty good! We had a good week on the bikes! We were able to talk to some people, and found a new guy named drew who was interested in learning more. There are a lot of people out there everywhere who want it, and don't even know it. If they took the time to really listen to what is being said most people would like it out here. The hard part is the listening. The work here over the last 7 months has been kinda slow overall, but it's been great! And I have seen many miracles with many people. I would not trade this for anything else. There have been a lot of things I have felt that will stick with me. With some of the blessings we've given people, to comments in a lesson, to teaching a lesson, and being with certain companions. I have felt the spirit in a lot more abundance because I'm recognizing it more, and feeling how it works with me. I love to feel it.

Well this may very well be my last week in Mount Airy. I have made a lot of great friendships out here. They are people I'll never forget  and will try to stay in contact with them for awhile.  I am hoping for the best, but I think I'll probably get transferred on this one. It will be a tough adjustment,  but it'll work out fine! This should be my last time getting transferred I hope!

Also that is really exciting to hear about the Rodriguez family! There isn't much of a Better feeling I have felt than seeing a family baptized.  It'll be great when they get to go to the temple! Well I hope you have a great week! I'm doing great and am happy being here serving God. I love to share my personal testimony and to feel I'm helping God in any way. That is an amazing feeling! Take care! Elder Cannon

P.S.  So we went with Jeff to the country club golf course next to his house.  He said there were a ton of fish and he said no one will care.  We ran into some of the workers and Jeff asked if it would be ok if his Utah Missionaries fished in their pond, and they actually said yes.  It surprised me, ha.  So we went fishing down there but didn't land any.  I had a fish on for a few seconds.  It was pretty fun though!  The last picture is from a local pond and we talked with some of the fishers there.  It was really pretty!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Elder Cannonball

Hello hello!

This week something sort of scary happened not as bad as anything that happened to Ryan. We were at a gas station at the end of the night and a man came up to me really fast and from behind and said, "this takes a lot of my pride, but I am tired of stealing from people and I am tired of starving I just really need some money." I without really thinking or saying much gave him the change in my wallet and he walked away. It felt really weird, and as I started thinking about it more it was way weird, and the companion who I was with shared his side of the story that he watched the man pace back and forth and he just darted towards me. Then he walked past the pumps fast, and tried to come up from behind. Luckily I did see him, and I was probably having some help as well. Anyways it was pretty interesting.
Also it has been raining like crazy here and flooding all the rivers. I guess it's doing similar to what's been happening in Utah.
Besides that it's all good! I am still doing great and happy as ever. I am happy to be here serving.  These last few weeks have really flown by quickly.  I can hardly keep up with how fast it's going. Not this Saturday but next is when we get our transfer calls. It'll be tough if I have to leave. I was just talking with the bishop and he said it'll be a sad day when you have to leave elder Cannon. I think my kids will cry especially Drew. I don't know if I told you yet but there's a little possy of toddlers that call me ewlder cannonball. Anyways at church or if we go to their house they will run up and yell hey elder cannonball and give me high fives and fist bumps ha! I love it! It will be pretty hard to leave! I'm enjoying this time though, and I really love it! Things are going well!
I hope you have a great week and keep doing what you do! Take care!
Elder Cannon
I'm also happy to hear the jazz are doing well!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter

It has been a  pretty good week overall! It was a good Easter! I don't know if you got the picture we ate at that families house who always sends home a picture ha! They are really nice.

Happy Easter! Always a pleasure! We are growing so very fond of Elder Cannon.  Sincerely, Franci Davis

We have been staying pretty busy and working hard! We hope to keep things rolling. Nothing too new has happened we are just staying busy! Oh yeah and thank you for the package I really liked it! That was the first time I've worn a floral tie ha people seemed to like it though. That is exciting to hear about Wyatt I really hope he can make it out. He would do great things!

Well I always love this time of year around Easter everything is Alive and happy it seems like. All things point to Christ bringing life here, and in the next life. It is such a pure perfect thing. I am
happy to be here teaching and testifying of Christ. I still feel so much on a daily basis, and on a weekly basis that I don't know what to share. There will be a lot more explaining when I get back, but I do feel a great peace and changing in my heart doing this work. I love the people and this work, that is Gods work. It is amazing to feel as if I am an instrument in Gods hands. There have beenit many many experiences over and over that I know I'm in the right place at the right time, with the right person. It isn't a coincidence, but from God. I am happy to be a part of it!
Thanks for all you do I hope you have a great week!
Elder Cannon

P.S.  These pictures are from a zone meeting. I'm not really sure why we did the ring pop things. It was something to do with a wedding like with the 10 virgins ha I'm not really sure. They are always pretty cheesy. They even served cake, and had one of the elders do the part on princess bride where the man talks in the funny voice marrying them.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Serving at the Jones Center

Hey hey!!
It's been a pretty good week it was busy! But it was really good! Yeah it got really cold and windy. It hailed and rained too. It always seems to hit on our bike week ha.
We have been able find a couple of new Investigators this week that we are excited about. It is nice having one set there are more to work with, and it is just more freeing. I still love it and love these
people it is going well!
I have been getting pretty close to the people here it will be tough to leave when that time comes. So twice a week we do service at a place called the Jones Center and one of the guys we work with is
named Tim. He is in his 50s and is just a funny southern country guy. He loves to fish and hunt and do all that. Anyways we have gotten pretty close with him, and he is starting to let us come out to his
farm and share messages with him, and wants to take us fishing and all that ha. He is a great guy though. He is baptist and his brother is the preacher, but he is willing to let us talk with him. There are amazing people in every religion. We hope that he will show more and more interest as time goes on.
That is exciting to hear about Austin getting married! I'm sure they are both happy!  Well  It sounds like things are going well and staying interesting! I am still doing great and feel happy! I hope y'all have a great week.  Thanks for everything you do! Take care!
Elder Cannon

Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference and Birthday

It's been a really good week! Pretty crazy but it's been good! So my new companion's name is Elder Stephens and he is from Morgan, Utah so not too far away. He has been out for 3 months longer than me. Anyways he is a good one.  We are both very similar in personalities and interests. He loves fishing, hunting, and all the outdoor stuff. We get along really good, and he has a strong strong testimony.
Thanks for the updates it's good to hear how they are all doing! It sounds like things are going well.
Conference was very powerful as usual. There was so much in that I don't really know what to type out. There were a few things that hit a lot, probably first how crucial your testimony is, and to hold to it and strengthen it. Second was probably just for be kind to people.  I heard these words a lot or they stuck out to me a lot, compassion, empathy, humility, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and more. All the way Christ lived his life, and handled decisions and people. I want to be more like that. Those feelings come from a faith in Jesus Christ, and being willing to do what he has done. To walk his walk. Those feelings would come naturally the closer you got to God and Christ.  Oh yeah that was great seeing people from the ward and from Tremonton singing in Conference!
Yeah we get some pretty big rain storms here. There have been a couple this spring, but they seem to really hit hard in the summer. That's one of my favorite things with the summer! It is actually raining
really hard today!
Oh yeah thank you for the birthday package it was really great! The treats are already gone and I thought that fish tie was amazing! Thanks for all you do! Oh yeah I did get the birthday messages on
Facebook that was way nice of everyone.

P.S.  Note:  Elder Cannon's mailing address changed.  He moved across town to a different apartment.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The pack mules

Hello hello! Yes we got our transfer news. So Elder Jarman actually had to go home today so I am with the other Elders here for a little while. It has been a hard rough month of march. It was still amazing and we saw great things happen! But Elder Jarman really started going down hill fast, and he is where he needs to be. He struggled through a lot and I really know he tried his best, but just wasn't able to do it. He was a little sad to go but mostly relieved to have some of the burden and stress off of him, I feel similar. It was hard to see him go, but that's where he needed to be no doubt. I learned and felt a lot though this past transfer. I know that it is what I needed. I am worried about him though back at home. I'll be sure to stay in contact with him.
But yeah this has been a very interesting week here in mount Airy.   My new companions name is Elder Stephens and he is from Utah. I will be picking him up tomorrow. Also with the transfer there will only be 1 set of Elders in Mount Airy. So we are moving from our apartment to theirs. It is going to be a busy time receiving their Investigators and moving apartments.
Anyways on a more spiritual note there is someone here named Austin and he came out with us to help do finding and teaching at least once a week and was just amazing. He is a convert of a few years and is someone that I can see is truly converted. Anyways just this last week or so we lost all contact with him, and didn't know what was happening. The bishop wasn't sure either what was going on with him. We finally heard from a family that he was staying with them, and in a deep depression. Anyways we went over and had time to be with him. He put his head down and didn't talk. I shared a story that I've told him before and it cracked him up and he was laughing so hard! It made my day and that was one of my highlights of the week! He hadn't been talking or smiling for awhile. We are praying that he can start feeling better!
Well I'm still doing well and I'm happy!
Anyways sorry I didn't get to say more we had to do a lot today to get ready, I'll send an email later saying what the new address will be we are just moving across town. Thanks for all you do!

Elder Cannon
Oh and I guess our district kind of mascot is the pack mules? Because we carry the load ha! I kind of have the Brian Regan look when he was imitating donkeys in a skit thing.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Interview with Elder Zeballos of the Seventy

Hello hello!!
Well it has been quite the week to say the least. Elder Zeballos came on Thursday to speak with us, and that was a great experience! Him and his wife both spoke to us, and gave good trainings. Then after the meeting President Alexander chose a couple of missionaries to interview with Elder Zeballos and I was one of them! I was a little nervous about it, but that was amazing to talk with him! We talked for about 10 or so minutes and he just asked me about myself, and how long I've been out, where I see myself in 5 years. We had a good visit. I talked with him a little bit about the talking thing and he said he would've never known either. Anyways that was a really good experience to talk with him! His counsel to me was to love. To do things with the right intent and the right Purpose. Then to finish strong the last 8 months of my mission. He is a good guy!
Image result for elder zeballos lds
Oh yeah so I talked to Rusty Evans a little bit the other week, and he said he and his family are still doing well. He did mention that there have been times where he feels very out of place at church, which I'm sure is a normal feeling especially for new converts making the adjustment. I sent him a link to some new videos that deal with people feeling out of place at church.  I hope that helped. I also got an email from back from the Earls and they said that they are doing great! They are going through a temple prep class right now and seem to be happy!
The work is going well and we are seeing some great things happening! We met a man named Jason on Saturday.  We taught him that day and set a return appointment for yesterday.  After those 2 lessons we invited him to be baptized and he accepted for the 15th of May. He has a long ways to go, but has the desire to be happy again and clean. He wants to change his life. It is a good time here in Mount Airy. There is another new Hispanic family that the other missionaries here  are working with. It is a family of 5. It is an exciting time! And we are working hard!
It has been a tough week again for my companion. It has gotten progressively worse but we are getting a lot of help from people and hopefully things start getting better. It has been a good week though!
That looks like a fun weekend! I'm glad the weather has warmed up thanks for all you do!
Love, Elder Cannon

P.S.  Letter to his dad:
Hey hey!
Things are going well and I'm doing great! It's pretty amazing to think I've been in Mount Airy for about 6 months now. The time has flown by here for sure!
I love what you are saying about the Book of Mormon. That's one of the things that I treasure is being able to have such a connection with it. It makes the day easier to handle after reading, and I don't know how many times the spirit has impacted me when reading. I love it.
It sounds like things are going well in Elwood! That is very exciting about the new family that came to church! Keep me updated on how they do! Also I sent more detail in the email to mom so you can read that, but things are going well and I love being a missionary! It hasn't always been the easiest but it's not really that bad! I am changing and becoming so much more blessed than I deserve! And seeing others happy and wanting to improve and repent, and then seeing them do it is an amazing feeling. I'm happy!

Thanks for all you do!
Elder Cannon
This was from Jenny's baptism a few weeks ago
This was on st. Patrick's day we went over to Quincys and had a little pizza party. He lives on his own and gets pretty lonely and loves it when we come. He is a great guy

Monday, March 13, 2017

Visit from Elder Cook

       It has been a pretty great week! Yeah elder cooks talks were powerful! Also with him was Elder Klebingat of the 70 and he had some powerful talks as well. We got to hear Elder Cook speak to us on Saturday to all the missionaries, which was my favorite part. Then we got to hear him speak yesterday at the regional stake conference. I'm not going to go into too much detail but I wanted to share what he said at the end. He gave us an apostolic blessing saying that this service you give as a missionary at this time will bless everyone that you love. He said it will bless every single person that you love! That meant a lot to hear, and I felt it was true. He also said one line exactly the way that he did in Salt Lake City and I felt the power of that strongly. Both times I felt the same way, and he said it exactly the same. He is an apostle, and does have his authority. It was an amazing experience to hear him testify of Jesus Christ.
             The teaching was a little slow this week because we had 3 meetings down in Charlotte and also my companion got really sick. That's alright though this week should be better.  Elder Zeballos(I probably spelled that wrong) of the 70 is coming this week as well so that'll be exciting!! It's been an eventful crazy march! I can't believe it's about halfway through.
            Oh there was also some exciting news! Elder Carter was called to the Baton Rouge Louisiana mission, and leaves march 22nd! It is pretty exciting! I was way happy for him! He will do some good stuff over there!
             Well thanks for all you do! It has been a great week! I am feeling good and happy, and I love it! I really do enjoy it! I will hopefully have some pictures next week!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Yeni's Baptism

Hey hey!! This week has been pretty crazy but great!! Yeah the baptism went great!  Yeni (Jenny)was baptized on Thursday and confirmed yesterday! It really was amazing! We finished up the lessons with her and it was a great experience. The ward has really wrapped her in and at the baptism we had a big turnout! The speakers all spoke in Spanish and even the baptismal ordinance and the confirmation was! I think that it meant a lot to her. It was also her birthday on the baptism so there was a bunch of cake and food and we sang happy birthday to her in Spanish.  It was really fun! We are also getting pretty close to her son Carlos who is 11. He doesn't speak much English either, but he is a great kid and super funny. We hope to work with him more, and it won't be too much time until he is probably baptized. It is an exciting time here! And it really excited the ward as well! It's just so amazing to be a part of these sacred ordinances and seeing people go for it! This is going to change her life so much, and the life of her children. They love going to church and being needed and feeling loved. It starts such a chain effect that will change them and change their kids someday. It makes me purely happy to see. It is only the gospel of Christ that can bind and strengthen families together like this. It's such a perfect beautiful process! It makes everything worth it.
There has also been some tough things this week. My companion is still having a tough time adjusting and is really struggling. It's been tough. He is working through and figuring out how he works and how to deal with his anxiety. We talk a lot though and he's very open and honest which is great. I tell him a lot that he is doing much better than what he is giving himself credit for. I think that is true for everyone. That feeling has hit me a lot throughout this whole time of when I get too hard on myself or when things seem tough. That we are going to be ok and are doing better than what we think. And that things are really not as bad as they seem. It still is hard though and this has been more weighty than being with Elder Carter. It's been a tough couple of weeks but we are working through it.
Also this week is going to be an eventful one! It will be full of meetings and driving! We have a new missionary training tomorrow all day pretty much in Charlotte. Then a zone meeting in Winston. Then Saturday will be a mission conference with everyone in the mission for Elder Quentin L. Cook!! I am excited for that! Then on Sunday is a combined stake conference with 7 stakes in Charlotte to hear Elder Cook again. It's exciting!
I also did just get the package of the socks today. Thank you so much for that I appreciate it!
I am glad the prom all worked out it looks like they had a good time! Take care!
Elder Cannon

Monday, February 27, 2017

Baptism on Thursday!

Hello hello!
That is crazy to hear about all the weather and that it's snowing again! It's still been really nice here and the trees and flowers are starting up!
This has been a pretty great crazy week!!
Well there's some bad news and some great news! I'll start with the bad. Judy has put us on hold again sadly. We called her yesterday and we talked for awhile and she just said again that she doesn't feel up to taking lessons, and has a lot going through her head. She wants more time to kind of think things over. It's hard when you know that if she could accept the gospel and live it, it really would bless and change her life. She was really nice about it though, and I think someday she will come back again.

For the good news though there will be a Baptism on this Thursday!!! Her name is Jenny Diaz and I haven't talked about her before. So she has been coming to our ward for over a month now off and on. She has been getting taught by the Spanish sisters and they are now sliding her to us to teach. So we are working with the Spanish speakers in the ward to finish up the last couple of lessons, and then will be doing the new member lessons as well after! It was really exciting news! Even though I don't know her too well and she doesn't speak much English at all it's always neat to be involved with someone entering into this sacred covenant. She also has a son Carlos who is 11, and he probably will be baptized soon as well. They have had quite a story I don't know all the details yet but they just recently came from Honduras, it's her and her 3 kids including a little baby just a few months old. It reminds me similar to Monica's situation in Salt Lake. Anyways they live in a small little trailer and have barely anything. I guess her son Carlos will sometimes get really sad and unmotivated he is pretty scarred from the past life in Honduras from what they said. He is already so great though! So that was the big news for the week!! We are excited for her and the family! It is also her birthday on the baptism so that'll be great!

That is really exciting about Carlee.  She will do great as a missionary!
Well things are good we are doing well and my companion is up and down but he is trying hard and doing good! Have a great week take care!
Elder Cannon

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hat Making

That is so crazy about all of the flooding! It has been quite the year since I have been gone! Hopefully it tames itself down a little bit!
Well it was a pretty good week this week. Elder Jarman seems to be settled in better, and is excited about the work. We had some great things happen.
I am pretty bad at sharing stories and explaining what's happening. I'll be able to go into more detail when I am back home ha. There was one I'll share though we decided to go to a less active members house, so we biked over there and knocked on the door. They had a bunch of their family there, and they just pulled up some chairs and let us join in. We had a really good discussion about people falling away from God. Since they had some of their family members turn from the gospel. It was pretty tough on them especially the grandma. She started talking and eventually opened up about her husband passing away, and started crying hard! It wasn't just getting teared up, it was full blown wailing and crying. She asked if she could have a blessing to help her feel better and control her thoughts. We gave her a blessing and she said she was feeling much better. It always is an amazing feeling to be able to know we were exactly where God wanted us to be, and to feel and see the difference it makes for others.
Things are going well here we are meeting new people, and loving life. Everyone is a little more friendly with the warm weather and we talk with everyone. It is so amazing to sometimes think of how much God had changed me. I enjoy talking with others and I now have no apprehension with just striking up conversations with people, joking with them, and sharing the gospel. I take that for granted to just think of how far I've came along. I don't think that will be one of my strong suits to be very outgoing that's not really who I am, but I do feel so much better about just talking with people more naturally. It's been amazing! I wonder how it will be by the end of it. I really don't think I even realize or can comprehend either how much I have been changed, it's great!
Oh yeah thank you for that package it was great!! Thanks for doing that! I loved it! Thanks for all you do take care!
Elder Cannon

This is on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It is really pretty.
These two pictures were  from the hike today. We hiked hanging rock. The weather has been amazing it is in the 70s today.

We made hats with Jeff.  We are all being crazy together!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Companion

Hello! It has been quite an interesting week! My new companions name is name is Elder Jarman and he is from Alpine, Utah. He is my first Utah companion. I have been pretty lucky most missionaries out here are from Utah. I am sure I will have many more to come. It has been pretty good. He misses his family a lot, and is pretty homesick so that had been hard for him. He has had a tough time just diving into the work, but he will get there I'm sure. It'll be all good! Elder Carter was sad to leave, but he will do great in his next place!!
Armando sadly wasn't at church again. He has been pretty busy, but we talked on Facebook and he said that he has read a little from the Book of Mormon so that is a good step! We are praying hard that he will continue to show interest and feel the truth.  
We also received some exciting news that elder Cook will be coming down to the mission in March to meet with all the missionaries. Also to meet for a combined stake conference it is pretty exciting!! There are a lot of rumors flying around about what will happen.   I'm not sure what will, but it'll be good! I remember seeing him in Salt Lake when he visited his home Ward and shared his powerful testimony of Jesus Christ. It was very powerful I remember. It was a great experience!
Well I'm still doing good and loving this work. Things are going good, and I'm excited for this upcoming transfer. This may be the last one here, and It should be a good one!
That is so crazy about all of the flooding!! The weather here has been so great it has not felt like winter at all! Yesterday it was in the 70s! It's pretty nice! I hope everyone will stay dry with all the flooding! Take care!
Elder Cannon
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and suit
We found this on the mission page--missionaries doing role-play training

Monday, February 6, 2017


Well transfer news came yesterday! Elder Carter will be finishing his last transfer in North Carolina in High Point. Then my new companion is another new missionary from the MTC. That should be pretty fun ha! I'm excited though I enjoy training. It was way amazing to watch Elder Carter learn and grow. He has changed a lot over this past month. I will miss him he's a great one! I won't be the  district leader here anymore though. That made me slightly sad.   I really did enjoy it, but it's all good though! I'll be able to focus more on training and the area. It'll be a good one!

Armando wasn't able to make it to church this week, but he should be here next week! We were able to talk over Facebook though, and he is still way interested! I still feel really great about him! We really hope to invite him to be baptized if we can meet regularly. This week we also had a mission conference in Greensboro and I saw Elder Richins, and Elder Jackson. It was pretty fun! Well I am doing really good still! I am excited for this new transfer and for what is coming! I'm happy and really enjoy it! It is going pretty quick! I am sure that I will have a lot to talk about next
week! Hope you have a great week! Take care! Elder Cannon

This is another one of those mission "family pictures" with those who have trained each other

This is Billy. He is moving so we decided to take a picture with him before he left.

This is a message and picture that came from a sister in Elder Cannon's current ward.

Look who I had the pleasure of their company last night and got to feed again!! He is such a joy! I will miss him whenever he is transferred.

Thanks for sharing him!

(This was Jacob's response when I told him about it:  "Oh yeah she is always way nice! They are a great family! The people sure are great!")