Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, January 30, 2017

Wendy's is helping us teach the restored gospel

Hello hello! Man that was quite the story about sunny I feel so bad ha! I can't believe how much snow is there! It has been a pretty mild winter over here!
Well this was an amazing week! We saw a miracle yesterday. His name is Armando and he is 15 years old. There is a member named Craig Atkins.  He is Jeff's brother. Anyways he is very converted to the gospel and shares it with everyone. He works with the wrestling team, and Armando is on the team. He brought him to church yesterday, and afterwards we met with him at Craig and Jeff's moms house (that's where we teach Judy too) and taught the Restoration. You can just see in his eyes that he radiates the spirit, and is very receptive. We had a great lesson, and the spirit was strong. He is a little bit shy as well and didn't say a whole lot, but you could tell he felt it in his eyes. It is really exciting though! I will keep you updated.
The other big thing this week was the new changes to the missionary schedule. It is really nice! They have given us more flexibility in the morning to make it fit best for us. We also are done for the night when we get home, usually we have to plan first and then we can get ready for bed, but planning is in the morning now. It was weird to get use to but it is way nice!!
Anyways I'm feeling well and doing good! Elder Carter is doing well and making a good difference here! He probably only has a week or so left! This transfer went by way way fast!! Anyways I hope you have a great next week take care!
Elder Cannon
This is our district

It looks like Wendy's is helping us teach the restored gospel.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Great things are happening!

Hey! I am doing pretty good with week! We saw a lot of great things happen! Oh wow that is crazy! It has been nice weather here!!
Well it has been a really good week! We saw a lot of success. God has been very rewarding.This week we have a couple new people to start working with, and some of the previous people we were working with are coming back too. It was a very busy week of meetings and meeting new people! It has been a weird last month.  I have grown a lot. I walk out the door and I search and truly look for people and opportunities to share the gospel with. I love talking with people. It's such a weird feeling and I know it's not natural ha. I may share it too much or too little but I strongly know the power of God is real. The Atonement is real, and for everyone. God loves everyone so so much!! It doesn't matter what circumstance he loves the person, not always what they are doing, but always who they are. Everyone is important.
We are seeing some great things happening though, and we hope to have a baptismal date soon.
Elder Carter is doing pretty good overall for just being out! He sometimes falls asleep in lessons or struggles with the work physically but overall he is trying hard and doing great!
I am feeling pretty good too! It's a great work, and it sure does make me happy! It's going away pretty fast!  Well I hope you have a great week and can storm the weather! Take care!
Elder Cannon

This is a line of lineage, of missionaries who trained each other.  It's weird mission language.
It's cheesy stuff.

I still think of fish or ducks every time I see water ha. And baptisms.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Spring Weather

Hello hello! I am doing really good! Sorry this won't be too long we had an activity today as a zone, and I didn't have much time. But Yeah it has been in the mid 50s this week! I can't believe how the weather has been this winter! It's either or cold or really nice! It should be good weather for a little while too! It feels like the spring already ha.
Well it has been a pretty good week this week! We got to teach Judy on Wednesday and it went really well! She opened up a little more, and went into more detail of the feelings she has in her heart. She has a lot of guilt in her about her sons passing away. She has put it on her shoulders that she wasn't a good enough mother, or didn't raise them right. It was hard to hear, but we continued to testify to her of Heavenly fathers love, and the Atonement. I really feel that she will come around soon! She is just really hard on herself, and not feeling 100%, but I think she will start feeling better soon! We are meeting with her on Saturday.
We have had a lot of meetings lately, and are having a lot this week as well! It is fun stuff!
Anyways I am doing great and feeling great! We are working hard, and seeing some good things happening! I really do enjoy this work, and feel close to God and the Savior. I'm happy and am glad to be apart of this work! I hope you have a great week and stay warm. Take care!
Elder Cannon

Monday, January 9, 2017

Snow in Mt. Airy

Yeah we did get some snow this week! It has made things slow down a little bit, because they wouldn't let us drive with the ice. Things are going pretty well! Elder Carter is doing well and learning quick! He really is trying hard to do his best, and I think he is going to do well as a missionary. That is crazy that they cancelled school I never remember them doing that when I was home-ha!  It must be way bad!

Things are going well this week though! Judy said that she wants to start meeting again! So that was for sure the highlight! She wants to read the Book of Mormon with us! I am really excited to see where this will go! She has been going through a lot, and it will help her so much more.
That would be pretty stressful to speak in stake conference! I'm sure that it was pretty good!

Well things are still going well. I'm enjoying the service still and way happy!! Being able to have a little more responsibility has made me focus on others even more. Trying to help Elder Carter and the other missionaries here. I enjoy it! I really do love sharing the gospel with people. I feel like I'm still growing so so much, and learning so much, especially in my desire and conviction for the Gospel. I truly want to talk to people, and share this with them. I'm happy!!  I hope you have a great week and stay safe with all the snow! Take care!!
Elder Cannon

Here is the snow in Mt. Airy.  Everything is kind of shut down! It's so weird and quiet.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

Hey hey!
Yeah it has been a pretty busy week ha! My new companion's name is Elder Carter, and he is from Columbia, South Carolina. He is actually a 2 transfer missionary, and President Alexander felt that we needed to be together. He has some autism, but so far he has been doing pretty well! We seem to get along well, and I have already seen him grow quite a bit this last less than a week. So along with helping him and training him I am now a district leader, and that has put a little more pressure on. It has been good though I am enjoying it! It sure has been keeping me busy.
I think that I will have a lot to learn this transfer with Elder Carter. President I guess had me paired up with someone else all the way up until the morning of the transfer and he felt strongly to put him with me. He wanted him close to Charlotte first, but the spirit was telling him otherwise. I'm excited to see what will happen! It's been a great experience already.
There was some sad news this week Judy has decided not to have the lessons anymore for a little bit at least. She just has been struggling and going through some depression. Over time I think it will all start to make sense for her.
Anyways I'm still doing really good and enjoying being out here serving! I love it! I hope y'all have a great New Years and a good week! Take care!  Elder Cannon

We had some fun with Jeff this week.  He is tougher than he looks, but I still beat him.