Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, January 23, 2017

Great things are happening!

Hey! I am doing pretty good with week! We saw a lot of great things happen! Oh wow that is crazy! It has been nice weather here!!
Well it has been a really good week! We saw a lot of success. God has been very rewarding.This week we have a couple new people to start working with, and some of the previous people we were working with are coming back too. It was a very busy week of meetings and meeting new people! It has been a weird last month.  I have grown a lot. I walk out the door and I search and truly look for people and opportunities to share the gospel with. I love talking with people. It's such a weird feeling and I know it's not natural ha. I may share it too much or too little but I strongly know the power of God is real. The Atonement is real, and for everyone. God loves everyone so so much!! It doesn't matter what circumstance he loves the person, not always what they are doing, but always who they are. Everyone is important.
We are seeing some great things happening though, and we hope to have a baptismal date soon.
Elder Carter is doing pretty good overall for just being out! He sometimes falls asleep in lessons or struggles with the work physically but overall he is trying hard and doing great!
I am feeling pretty good too! It's a great work, and it sure does make me happy! It's going away pretty fast!  Well I hope you have a great week and can storm the weather! Take care!
Elder Cannon

This is a line of lineage, of missionaries who trained each other.  It's weird mission language.
It's cheesy stuff.

I still think of fish or ducks every time I see water ha. And baptisms.

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