Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Spring Weather

Hello hello! I am doing really good! Sorry this won't be too long we had an activity today as a zone, and I didn't have much time. But Yeah it has been in the mid 50s this week! I can't believe how the weather has been this winter! It's either or cold or really nice! It should be good weather for a little while too! It feels like the spring already ha.
Well it has been a pretty good week this week! We got to teach Judy on Wednesday and it went really well! She opened up a little more, and went into more detail of the feelings she has in her heart. She has a lot of guilt in her about her sons passing away. She has put it on her shoulders that she wasn't a good enough mother, or didn't raise them right. It was hard to hear, but we continued to testify to her of Heavenly fathers love, and the Atonement. I really feel that she will come around soon! She is just really hard on herself, and not feeling 100%, but I think she will start feeling better soon! We are meeting with her on Saturday.
We have had a lot of meetings lately, and are having a lot this week as well! It is fun stuff!
Anyways I am doing great and feeling great! We are working hard, and seeing some good things happening! I really do enjoy this work, and feel close to God and the Savior. I'm happy and am glad to be apart of this work! I hope you have a great week and stay warm. Take care!
Elder Cannon

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