Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, February 27, 2017

Baptism on Thursday!

Hello hello!
That is crazy to hear about all the weather and that it's snowing again! It's still been really nice here and the trees and flowers are starting up!
This has been a pretty great crazy week!!
Well there's some bad news and some great news! I'll start with the bad. Judy has put us on hold again sadly. We called her yesterday and we talked for awhile and she just said again that she doesn't feel up to taking lessons, and has a lot going through her head. She wants more time to kind of think things over. It's hard when you know that if she could accept the gospel and live it, it really would bless and change her life. She was really nice about it though, and I think someday she will come back again.

For the good news though there will be a Baptism on this Thursday!!! Her name is Jenny Diaz and I haven't talked about her before. So she has been coming to our ward for over a month now off and on. She has been getting taught by the Spanish sisters and they are now sliding her to us to teach. So we are working with the Spanish speakers in the ward to finish up the last couple of lessons, and then will be doing the new member lessons as well after! It was really exciting news! Even though I don't know her too well and she doesn't speak much English at all it's always neat to be involved with someone entering into this sacred covenant. She also has a son Carlos who is 11, and he probably will be baptized soon as well. They have had quite a story I don't know all the details yet but they just recently came from Honduras, it's her and her 3 kids including a little baby just a few months old. It reminds me similar to Monica's situation in Salt Lake. Anyways they live in a small little trailer and have barely anything. I guess her son Carlos will sometimes get really sad and unmotivated he is pretty scarred from the past life in Honduras from what they said. He is already so great though! So that was the big news for the week!! We are excited for her and the family! It is also her birthday on the baptism so that'll be great!

That is really exciting about Carlee.  She will do great as a missionary!
Well things are good we are doing well and my companion is up and down but he is trying hard and doing good! Have a great week take care!
Elder Cannon

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hat Making

That is so crazy about all of the flooding! It has been quite the year since I have been gone! Hopefully it tames itself down a little bit!
Well it was a pretty good week this week. Elder Jarman seems to be settled in better, and is excited about the work. We had some great things happen.
I am pretty bad at sharing stories and explaining what's happening. I'll be able to go into more detail when I am back home ha. There was one I'll share though we decided to go to a less active members house, so we biked over there and knocked on the door. They had a bunch of their family there, and they just pulled up some chairs and let us join in. We had a really good discussion about people falling away from God. Since they had some of their family members turn from the gospel. It was pretty tough on them especially the grandma. She started talking and eventually opened up about her husband passing away, and started crying hard! It wasn't just getting teared up, it was full blown wailing and crying. She asked if she could have a blessing to help her feel better and control her thoughts. We gave her a blessing and she said she was feeling much better. It always is an amazing feeling to be able to know we were exactly where God wanted us to be, and to feel and see the difference it makes for others.
Things are going well here we are meeting new people, and loving life. Everyone is a little more friendly with the warm weather and we talk with everyone. It is so amazing to sometimes think of how much God had changed me. I enjoy talking with others and I now have no apprehension with just striking up conversations with people, joking with them, and sharing the gospel. I take that for granted to just think of how far I've came along. I don't think that will be one of my strong suits to be very outgoing that's not really who I am, but I do feel so much better about just talking with people more naturally. It's been amazing! I wonder how it will be by the end of it. I really don't think I even realize or can comprehend either how much I have been changed, it's great!
Oh yeah thank you for that package it was great!! Thanks for doing that! I loved it! Thanks for all you do take care!
Elder Cannon

This is on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It is really pretty.
These two pictures were  from the hike today. We hiked hanging rock. The weather has been amazing it is in the 70s today.

We made hats with Jeff.  We are all being crazy together!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Companion

Hello! It has been quite an interesting week! My new companions name is name is Elder Jarman and he is from Alpine, Utah. He is my first Utah companion. I have been pretty lucky most missionaries out here are from Utah. I am sure I will have many more to come. It has been pretty good. He misses his family a lot, and is pretty homesick so that had been hard for him. He has had a tough time just diving into the work, but he will get there I'm sure. It'll be all good! Elder Carter was sad to leave, but he will do great in his next place!!
Armando sadly wasn't at church again. He has been pretty busy, but we talked on Facebook and he said that he has read a little from the Book of Mormon so that is a good step! We are praying hard that he will continue to show interest and feel the truth.  
We also received some exciting news that elder Cook will be coming down to the mission in March to meet with all the missionaries. Also to meet for a combined stake conference it is pretty exciting!! There are a lot of rumors flying around about what will happen.   I'm not sure what will, but it'll be good! I remember seeing him in Salt Lake when he visited his home Ward and shared his powerful testimony of Jesus Christ. It was very powerful I remember. It was a great experience!
Well I'm still doing good and loving this work. Things are going good, and I'm excited for this upcoming transfer. This may be the last one here, and It should be a good one!
That is so crazy about all of the flooding!! The weather here has been so great it has not felt like winter at all! Yesterday it was in the 70s! It's pretty nice! I hope everyone will stay dry with all the flooding! Take care!
Elder Cannon
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We found this on the mission page--missionaries doing role-play training

Monday, February 6, 2017


Well transfer news came yesterday! Elder Carter will be finishing his last transfer in North Carolina in High Point. Then my new companion is another new missionary from the MTC. That should be pretty fun ha! I'm excited though I enjoy training. It was way amazing to watch Elder Carter learn and grow. He has changed a lot over this past month. I will miss him he's a great one! I won't be the  district leader here anymore though. That made me slightly sad.   I really did enjoy it, but it's all good though! I'll be able to focus more on training and the area. It'll be a good one!

Armando wasn't able to make it to church this week, but he should be here next week! We were able to talk over Facebook though, and he is still way interested! I still feel really great about him! We really hope to invite him to be baptized if we can meet regularly. This week we also had a mission conference in Greensboro and I saw Elder Richins, and Elder Jackson. It was pretty fun! Well I am doing really good still! I am excited for this new transfer and for what is coming! I'm happy and really enjoy it! It is going pretty quick! I am sure that I will have a lot to talk about next
week! Hope you have a great week! Take care! Elder Cannon

This is another one of those mission "family pictures" with those who have trained each other

This is Billy. He is moving so we decided to take a picture with him before he left.

This is a message and picture that came from a sister in Elder Cannon's current ward.

Look who I had the pleasure of their company last night and got to feed again!! He is such a joy! I will miss him whenever he is transferred.

Thanks for sharing him!

(This was Jacob's response when I told him about it:  "Oh yeah she is always way nice! They are a great family! The people sure are great!")