Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, February 27, 2017

Baptism on Thursday!

Hello hello!
That is crazy to hear about all the weather and that it's snowing again! It's still been really nice here and the trees and flowers are starting up!
This has been a pretty great crazy week!!
Well there's some bad news and some great news! I'll start with the bad. Judy has put us on hold again sadly. We called her yesterday and we talked for awhile and she just said again that she doesn't feel up to taking lessons, and has a lot going through her head. She wants more time to kind of think things over. It's hard when you know that if she could accept the gospel and live it, it really would bless and change her life. She was really nice about it though, and I think someday she will come back again.

For the good news though there will be a Baptism on this Thursday!!! Her name is Jenny Diaz and I haven't talked about her before. So she has been coming to our ward for over a month now off and on. She has been getting taught by the Spanish sisters and they are now sliding her to us to teach. So we are working with the Spanish speakers in the ward to finish up the last couple of lessons, and then will be doing the new member lessons as well after! It was really exciting news! Even though I don't know her too well and she doesn't speak much English at all it's always neat to be involved with someone entering into this sacred covenant. She also has a son Carlos who is 11, and he probably will be baptized soon as well. They have had quite a story I don't know all the details yet but they just recently came from Honduras, it's her and her 3 kids including a little baby just a few months old. It reminds me similar to Monica's situation in Salt Lake. Anyways they live in a small little trailer and have barely anything. I guess her son Carlos will sometimes get really sad and unmotivated he is pretty scarred from the past life in Honduras from what they said. He is already so great though! So that was the big news for the week!! We are excited for her and the family! It is also her birthday on the baptism so that'll be great!

That is really exciting about Carlee.  She will do great as a missionary!
Well things are good we are doing well and my companion is up and down but he is trying hard and doing good! Have a great week take care!
Elder Cannon

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