Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Companion

Hello! It has been quite an interesting week! My new companions name is name is Elder Jarman and he is from Alpine, Utah. He is my first Utah companion. I have been pretty lucky most missionaries out here are from Utah. I am sure I will have many more to come. It has been pretty good. He misses his family a lot, and is pretty homesick so that had been hard for him. He has had a tough time just diving into the work, but he will get there I'm sure. It'll be all good! Elder Carter was sad to leave, but he will do great in his next place!!
Armando sadly wasn't at church again. He has been pretty busy, but we talked on Facebook and he said that he has read a little from the Book of Mormon so that is a good step! We are praying hard that he will continue to show interest and feel the truth.  
We also received some exciting news that elder Cook will be coming down to the mission in March to meet with all the missionaries. Also to meet for a combined stake conference it is pretty exciting!! There are a lot of rumors flying around about what will happen.   I'm not sure what will, but it'll be good! I remember seeing him in Salt Lake when he visited his home Ward and shared his powerful testimony of Jesus Christ. It was very powerful I remember. It was a great experience!
Well I'm still doing good and loving this work. Things are going good, and I'm excited for this upcoming transfer. This may be the last one here, and It should be a good one!
That is so crazy about all of the flooding!! The weather here has been so great it has not felt like winter at all! Yesterday it was in the 70s! It's pretty nice! I hope everyone will stay dry with all the flooding! Take care!
Elder Cannon
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We found this on the mission page--missionaries doing role-play training

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