Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, February 6, 2017


Well transfer news came yesterday! Elder Carter will be finishing his last transfer in North Carolina in High Point. Then my new companion is another new missionary from the MTC. That should be pretty fun ha! I'm excited though I enjoy training. It was way amazing to watch Elder Carter learn and grow. He has changed a lot over this past month. I will miss him he's a great one! I won't be the  district leader here anymore though. That made me slightly sad.   I really did enjoy it, but it's all good though! I'll be able to focus more on training and the area. It'll be a good one!

Armando wasn't able to make it to church this week, but he should be here next week! We were able to talk over Facebook though, and he is still way interested! I still feel really great about him! We really hope to invite him to be baptized if we can meet regularly. This week we also had a mission conference in Greensboro and I saw Elder Richins, and Elder Jackson. It was pretty fun! Well I am doing really good still! I am excited for this new transfer and for what is coming! I'm happy and really enjoy it! It is going pretty quick! I am sure that I will have a lot to talk about next
week! Hope you have a great week! Take care! Elder Cannon

This is another one of those mission "family pictures" with those who have trained each other

This is Billy. He is moving so we decided to take a picture with him before he left.

This is a message and picture that came from a sister in Elder Cannon's current ward.

Look who I had the pleasure of their company last night and got to feed again!! He is such a joy! I will miss him whenever he is transferred.

Thanks for sharing him!

(This was Jacob's response when I told him about it:  "Oh yeah she is always way nice! They are a great family! The people sure are great!")

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