Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Friday, March 31, 2017

The pack mules

Hello hello! Yes we got our transfer news. So Elder Jarman actually had to go home today so I am with the other Elders here for a little while. It has been a hard rough month of march. It was still amazing and we saw great things happen! But Elder Jarman really started going down hill fast, and he is where he needs to be. He struggled through a lot and I really know he tried his best, but just wasn't able to do it. He was a little sad to go but mostly relieved to have some of the burden and stress off of him, I feel similar. It was hard to see him go, but that's where he needed to be no doubt. I learned and felt a lot though this past transfer. I know that it is what I needed. I am worried about him though back at home. I'll be sure to stay in contact with him.
But yeah this has been a very interesting week here in mount Airy.   My new companions name is Elder Stephens and he is from Utah. I will be picking him up tomorrow. Also with the transfer there will only be 1 set of Elders in Mount Airy. So we are moving from our apartment to theirs. It is going to be a busy time receiving their Investigators and moving apartments.
Anyways on a more spiritual note there is someone here named Austin and he came out with us to help do finding and teaching at least once a week and was just amazing. He is a convert of a few years and is someone that I can see is truly converted. Anyways just this last week or so we lost all contact with him, and didn't know what was happening. The bishop wasn't sure either what was going on with him. We finally heard from a family that he was staying with them, and in a deep depression. Anyways we went over and had time to be with him. He put his head down and didn't talk. I shared a story that I've told him before and it cracked him up and he was laughing so hard! It made my day and that was one of my highlights of the week! He hadn't been talking or smiling for awhile. We are praying that he can start feeling better!
Well I'm still doing well and I'm happy!
Anyways sorry I didn't get to say more we had to do a lot today to get ready, I'll send an email later saying what the new address will be we are just moving across town. Thanks for all you do!

Elder Cannon
Oh and I guess our district kind of mascot is the pack mules? Because we carry the load ha! I kind of have the Brian Regan look when he was imitating donkeys in a skit thing.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Interview with Elder Zeballos of the Seventy

Hello hello!!
Well it has been quite the week to say the least. Elder Zeballos came on Thursday to speak with us, and that was a great experience! Him and his wife both spoke to us, and gave good trainings. Then after the meeting President Alexander chose a couple of missionaries to interview with Elder Zeballos and I was one of them! I was a little nervous about it, but that was amazing to talk with him! We talked for about 10 or so minutes and he just asked me about myself, and how long I've been out, where I see myself in 5 years. We had a good visit. I talked with him a little bit about the talking thing and he said he would've never known either. Anyways that was a really good experience to talk with him! His counsel to me was to love. To do things with the right intent and the right Purpose. Then to finish strong the last 8 months of my mission. He is a good guy!
Image result for elder zeballos lds
Oh yeah so I talked to Rusty Evans a little bit the other week, and he said he and his family are still doing well. He did mention that there have been times where he feels very out of place at church, which I'm sure is a normal feeling especially for new converts making the adjustment. I sent him a link to some new videos that deal with people feeling out of place at church.  I hope that helped. I also got an email from back from the Earls and they said that they are doing great! They are going through a temple prep class right now and seem to be happy!
The work is going well and we are seeing some great things happening! We met a man named Jason on Saturday.  We taught him that day and set a return appointment for yesterday.  After those 2 lessons we invited him to be baptized and he accepted for the 15th of May. He has a long ways to go, but has the desire to be happy again and clean. He wants to change his life. It is a good time here in Mount Airy. There is another new Hispanic family that the other missionaries here  are working with. It is a family of 5. It is an exciting time! And we are working hard!
It has been a tough week again for my companion. It has gotten progressively worse but we are getting a lot of help from people and hopefully things start getting better. It has been a good week though!
That looks like a fun weekend! I'm glad the weather has warmed up thanks for all you do!
Love, Elder Cannon

P.S.  Letter to his dad:
Hey hey!
Things are going well and I'm doing great! It's pretty amazing to think I've been in Mount Airy for about 6 months now. The time has flown by here for sure!
I love what you are saying about the Book of Mormon. That's one of the things that I treasure is being able to have such a connection with it. It makes the day easier to handle after reading, and I don't know how many times the spirit has impacted me when reading. I love it.
It sounds like things are going well in Elwood! That is very exciting about the new family that came to church! Keep me updated on how they do! Also I sent more detail in the email to mom so you can read that, but things are going well and I love being a missionary! It hasn't always been the easiest but it's not really that bad! I am changing and becoming so much more blessed than I deserve! And seeing others happy and wanting to improve and repent, and then seeing them do it is an amazing feeling. I'm happy!

Thanks for all you do!
Elder Cannon
This was from Jenny's baptism a few weeks ago
This was on st. Patrick's day we went over to Quincys and had a little pizza party. He lives on his own and gets pretty lonely and loves it when we come. He is a great guy

Monday, March 13, 2017

Visit from Elder Cook

       It has been a pretty great week! Yeah elder cooks talks were powerful! Also with him was Elder Klebingat of the 70 and he had some powerful talks as well. We got to hear Elder Cook speak to us on Saturday to all the missionaries, which was my favorite part. Then we got to hear him speak yesterday at the regional stake conference. I'm not going to go into too much detail but I wanted to share what he said at the end. He gave us an apostolic blessing saying that this service you give as a missionary at this time will bless everyone that you love. He said it will bless every single person that you love! That meant a lot to hear, and I felt it was true. He also said one line exactly the way that he did in Salt Lake City and I felt the power of that strongly. Both times I felt the same way, and he said it exactly the same. He is an apostle, and does have his authority. It was an amazing experience to hear him testify of Jesus Christ.
             The teaching was a little slow this week because we had 3 meetings down in Charlotte and also my companion got really sick. That's alright though this week should be better.  Elder Zeballos(I probably spelled that wrong) of the 70 is coming this week as well so that'll be exciting!! It's been an eventful crazy march! I can't believe it's about halfway through.
            Oh there was also some exciting news! Elder Carter was called to the Baton Rouge Louisiana mission, and leaves march 22nd! It is pretty exciting! I was way happy for him! He will do some good stuff over there!
             Well thanks for all you do! It has been a great week! I am feeling good and happy, and I love it! I really do enjoy it! I will hopefully have some pictures next week!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Yeni's Baptism

Hey hey!! This week has been pretty crazy but great!! Yeah the baptism went great!  Yeni (Jenny)was baptized on Thursday and confirmed yesterday! It really was amazing! We finished up the lessons with her and it was a great experience. The ward has really wrapped her in and at the baptism we had a big turnout! The speakers all spoke in Spanish and even the baptismal ordinance and the confirmation was! I think that it meant a lot to her. It was also her birthday on the baptism so there was a bunch of cake and food and we sang happy birthday to her in Spanish.  It was really fun! We are also getting pretty close to her son Carlos who is 11. He doesn't speak much English either, but he is a great kid and super funny. We hope to work with him more, and it won't be too much time until he is probably baptized. It is an exciting time here! And it really excited the ward as well! It's just so amazing to be a part of these sacred ordinances and seeing people go for it! This is going to change her life so much, and the life of her children. They love going to church and being needed and feeling loved. It starts such a chain effect that will change them and change their kids someday. It makes me purely happy to see. It is only the gospel of Christ that can bind and strengthen families together like this. It's such a perfect beautiful process! It makes everything worth it.
There has also been some tough things this week. My companion is still having a tough time adjusting and is really struggling. It's been tough. He is working through and figuring out how he works and how to deal with his anxiety. We talk a lot though and he's very open and honest which is great. I tell him a lot that he is doing much better than what he is giving himself credit for. I think that is true for everyone. That feeling has hit me a lot throughout this whole time of when I get too hard on myself or when things seem tough. That we are going to be ok and are doing better than what we think. And that things are really not as bad as they seem. It still is hard though and this has been more weighty than being with Elder Carter. It's been a tough couple of weeks but we are working through it.
Also this week is going to be an eventful one! It will be full of meetings and driving! We have a new missionary training tomorrow all day pretty much in Charlotte. Then a zone meeting in Winston. Then Saturday will be a mission conference with everyone in the mission for Elder Quentin L. Cook!! I am excited for that! Then on Sunday is a combined stake conference with 7 stakes in Charlotte to hear Elder Cook again. It's exciting!
I also did just get the package of the socks today. Thank you so much for that I appreciate it!
I am glad the prom all worked out it looks like they had a good time! Take care!
Elder Cannon