Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Friday, March 31, 2017

The pack mules

Hello hello! Yes we got our transfer news. So Elder Jarman actually had to go home today so I am with the other Elders here for a little while. It has been a hard rough month of march. It was still amazing and we saw great things happen! But Elder Jarman really started going down hill fast, and he is where he needs to be. He struggled through a lot and I really know he tried his best, but just wasn't able to do it. He was a little sad to go but mostly relieved to have some of the burden and stress off of him, I feel similar. It was hard to see him go, but that's where he needed to be no doubt. I learned and felt a lot though this past transfer. I know that it is what I needed. I am worried about him though back at home. I'll be sure to stay in contact with him.
But yeah this has been a very interesting week here in mount Airy.   My new companions name is Elder Stephens and he is from Utah. I will be picking him up tomorrow. Also with the transfer there will only be 1 set of Elders in Mount Airy. So we are moving from our apartment to theirs. It is going to be a busy time receiving their Investigators and moving apartments.
Anyways on a more spiritual note there is someone here named Austin and he came out with us to help do finding and teaching at least once a week and was just amazing. He is a convert of a few years and is someone that I can see is truly converted. Anyways just this last week or so we lost all contact with him, and didn't know what was happening. The bishop wasn't sure either what was going on with him. We finally heard from a family that he was staying with them, and in a deep depression. Anyways we went over and had time to be with him. He put his head down and didn't talk. I shared a story that I've told him before and it cracked him up and he was laughing so hard! It made my day and that was one of my highlights of the week! He hadn't been talking or smiling for awhile. We are praying that he can start feeling better!
Well I'm still doing well and I'm happy!
Anyways sorry I didn't get to say more we had to do a lot today to get ready, I'll send an email later saying what the new address will be we are just moving across town. Thanks for all you do!

Elder Cannon
Oh and I guess our district kind of mascot is the pack mules? Because we carry the load ha! I kind of have the Brian Regan look when he was imitating donkeys in a skit thing.

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