Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Yeni's Baptism

Hey hey!! This week has been pretty crazy but great!! Yeah the baptism went great!  Yeni (Jenny)was baptized on Thursday and confirmed yesterday! It really was amazing! We finished up the lessons with her and it was a great experience. The ward has really wrapped her in and at the baptism we had a big turnout! The speakers all spoke in Spanish and even the baptismal ordinance and the confirmation was! I think that it meant a lot to her. It was also her birthday on the baptism so there was a bunch of cake and food and we sang happy birthday to her in Spanish.  It was really fun! We are also getting pretty close to her son Carlos who is 11. He doesn't speak much English either, but he is a great kid and super funny. We hope to work with him more, and it won't be too much time until he is probably baptized. It is an exciting time here! And it really excited the ward as well! It's just so amazing to be a part of these sacred ordinances and seeing people go for it! This is going to change her life so much, and the life of her children. They love going to church and being needed and feeling loved. It starts such a chain effect that will change them and change their kids someday. It makes me purely happy to see. It is only the gospel of Christ that can bind and strengthen families together like this. It's such a perfect beautiful process! It makes everything worth it.
There has also been some tough things this week. My companion is still having a tough time adjusting and is really struggling. It's been tough. He is working through and figuring out how he works and how to deal with his anxiety. We talk a lot though and he's very open and honest which is great. I tell him a lot that he is doing much better than what he is giving himself credit for. I think that is true for everyone. That feeling has hit me a lot throughout this whole time of when I get too hard on myself or when things seem tough. That we are going to be ok and are doing better than what we think. And that things are really not as bad as they seem. It still is hard though and this has been more weighty than being with Elder Carter. It's been a tough couple of weeks but we are working through it.
Also this week is going to be an eventful one! It will be full of meetings and driving! We have a new missionary training tomorrow all day pretty much in Charlotte. Then a zone meeting in Winston. Then Saturday will be a mission conference with everyone in the mission for Elder Quentin L. Cook!! I am excited for that! Then on Sunday is a combined stake conference with 7 stakes in Charlotte to hear Elder Cook again. It's exciting!
I also did just get the package of the socks today. Thank you so much for that I appreciate it!
I am glad the prom all worked out it looks like they had a good time! Take care!
Elder Cannon

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