Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Elder Cannonball

Hello hello!

This week something sort of scary happened not as bad as anything that happened to Ryan. We were at a gas station at the end of the night and a man came up to me really fast and from behind and said, "this takes a lot of my pride, but I am tired of stealing from people and I am tired of starving I just really need some money." I without really thinking or saying much gave him the change in my wallet and he walked away. It felt really weird, and as I started thinking about it more it was way weird, and the companion who I was with shared his side of the story that he watched the man pace back and forth and he just darted towards me. Then he walked past the pumps fast, and tried to come up from behind. Luckily I did see him, and I was probably having some help as well. Anyways it was pretty interesting.
Also it has been raining like crazy here and flooding all the rivers. I guess it's doing similar to what's been happening in Utah.
Besides that it's all good! I am still doing great and happy as ever. I am happy to be here serving.  These last few weeks have really flown by quickly.  I can hardly keep up with how fast it's going. Not this Saturday but next is when we get our transfer calls. It'll be tough if I have to leave. I was just talking with the bishop and he said it'll be a sad day when you have to leave elder Cannon. I think my kids will cry especially Drew. I don't know if I told you yet but there's a little possy of toddlers that call me ewlder cannonball. Anyways at church or if we go to their house they will run up and yell hey elder cannonball and give me high fives and fist bumps ha! I love it! It will be pretty hard to leave! I'm enjoying this time though, and I really love it! Things are going well!
I hope you have a great week and keep doing what you do! Take care!
Elder Cannon
I'm also happy to hear the jazz are doing well!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter

It has been a  pretty good week overall! It was a good Easter! I don't know if you got the picture we ate at that families house who always sends home a picture ha! They are really nice.

Happy Easter! Always a pleasure! We are growing so very fond of Elder Cannon.  Sincerely, Franci Davis

We have been staying pretty busy and working hard! We hope to keep things rolling. Nothing too new has happened we are just staying busy! Oh yeah and thank you for the package I really liked it! That was the first time I've worn a floral tie ha people seemed to like it though. That is exciting to hear about Wyatt I really hope he can make it out. He would do great things!

Well I always love this time of year around Easter everything is Alive and happy it seems like. All things point to Christ bringing life here, and in the next life. It is such a pure perfect thing. I am
happy to be here teaching and testifying of Christ. I still feel so much on a daily basis, and on a weekly basis that I don't know what to share. There will be a lot more explaining when I get back, but I do feel a great peace and changing in my heart doing this work. I love the people and this work, that is Gods work. It is amazing to feel as if I am an instrument in Gods hands. There have beenit many many experiences over and over that I know I'm in the right place at the right time, with the right person. It isn't a coincidence, but from God. I am happy to be a part of it!
Thanks for all you do I hope you have a great week!
Elder Cannon

P.S.  These pictures are from a zone meeting. I'm not really sure why we did the ring pop things. It was something to do with a wedding like with the 10 virgins ha I'm not really sure. They are always pretty cheesy. They even served cake, and had one of the elders do the part on princess bride where the man talks in the funny voice marrying them.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Serving at the Jones Center

Hey hey!!
It's been a pretty good week it was busy! But it was really good! Yeah it got really cold and windy. It hailed and rained too. It always seems to hit on our bike week ha.
We have been able find a couple of new Investigators this week that we are excited about. It is nice having one set there are more to work with, and it is just more freeing. I still love it and love these
people it is going well!
I have been getting pretty close to the people here it will be tough to leave when that time comes. So twice a week we do service at a place called the Jones Center and one of the guys we work with is
named Tim. He is in his 50s and is just a funny southern country guy. He loves to fish and hunt and do all that. Anyways we have gotten pretty close with him, and he is starting to let us come out to his
farm and share messages with him, and wants to take us fishing and all that ha. He is a great guy though. He is baptist and his brother is the preacher, but he is willing to let us talk with him. There are amazing people in every religion. We hope that he will show more and more interest as time goes on.
That is exciting to hear about Austin getting married! I'm sure they are both happy!  Well  It sounds like things are going well and staying interesting! I am still doing great and feel happy! I hope y'all have a great week.  Thanks for everything you do! Take care!
Elder Cannon

Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference and Birthday

It's been a really good week! Pretty crazy but it's been good! So my new companion's name is Elder Stephens and he is from Morgan, Utah so not too far away. He has been out for 3 months longer than me. Anyways he is a good one.  We are both very similar in personalities and interests. He loves fishing, hunting, and all the outdoor stuff. We get along really good, and he has a strong strong testimony.
Thanks for the updates it's good to hear how they are all doing! It sounds like things are going well.
Conference was very powerful as usual. There was so much in that I don't really know what to type out. There were a few things that hit a lot, probably first how crucial your testimony is, and to hold to it and strengthen it. Second was probably just for be kind to people.  I heard these words a lot or they stuck out to me a lot, compassion, empathy, humility, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and more. All the way Christ lived his life, and handled decisions and people. I want to be more like that. Those feelings come from a faith in Jesus Christ, and being willing to do what he has done. To walk his walk. Those feelings would come naturally the closer you got to God and Christ.  Oh yeah that was great seeing people from the ward and from Tremonton singing in Conference!
Yeah we get some pretty big rain storms here. There have been a couple this spring, but they seem to really hit hard in the summer. That's one of my favorite things with the summer! It is actually raining
really hard today!
Oh yeah thank you for the birthday package it was really great! The treats are already gone and I thought that fish tie was amazing! Thanks for all you do! Oh yeah I did get the birthday messages on
Facebook that was way nice of everyone.

P.S.  Note:  Elder Cannon's mailing address changed.  He moved across town to a different apartment.