Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Elder Cannonball

Hello hello!

This week something sort of scary happened not as bad as anything that happened to Ryan. We were at a gas station at the end of the night and a man came up to me really fast and from behind and said, "this takes a lot of my pride, but I am tired of stealing from people and I am tired of starving I just really need some money." I without really thinking or saying much gave him the change in my wallet and he walked away. It felt really weird, and as I started thinking about it more it was way weird, and the companion who I was with shared his side of the story that he watched the man pace back and forth and he just darted towards me. Then he walked past the pumps fast, and tried to come up from behind. Luckily I did see him, and I was probably having some help as well. Anyways it was pretty interesting.
Also it has been raining like crazy here and flooding all the rivers. I guess it's doing similar to what's been happening in Utah.
Besides that it's all good! I am still doing great and happy as ever. I am happy to be here serving.  These last few weeks have really flown by quickly.  I can hardly keep up with how fast it's going. Not this Saturday but next is when we get our transfer calls. It'll be tough if I have to leave. I was just talking with the bishop and he said it'll be a sad day when you have to leave elder Cannon. I think my kids will cry especially Drew. I don't know if I told you yet but there's a little possy of toddlers that call me ewlder cannonball. Anyways at church or if we go to their house they will run up and yell hey elder cannonball and give me high fives and fist bumps ha! I love it! It will be pretty hard to leave! I'm enjoying this time though, and I really love it! Things are going well!
I hope you have a great week and keep doing what you do! Take care!
Elder Cannon
I'm also happy to hear the jazz are doing well!!

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