Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, May 8, 2017

Farewell Mount Airy

Oh yeah I'm getting transferred tomorrow morning! All the way down south ha! It is the lowest part of the mission.
Well a lot has happened this week I'm not really sure where to start. On Friday we had a great  surprise! The Earls were in Mount  Airy for some sight seeing and called us to take us to lunch. So we got to eat with them and catch up on everything. They seem to be happy and are still on fire! They are taking temple prep classes and plan to go this summer to receive their endowments and be sealed.  That made me beyond happy!! They also talked about how their family was doing and their callings in the church. It was amazing to see their fire and spirit in them. They have came a long ways and are doing great! He also said the Evans are doing great and Rusty just received the Melchizedek  Priesthood. It was happy for me to hear they are doing good and staying close to god.

Then Saturday was a big day. That night we had dinner with Mack and his daughter. I've talked about Mack before, but he comes just about every week believes in the gospel, but just hasn't been baptized. Anyways we had our message with them, and during the video my heart started to burn and beat like crazy. It was one of the strongest most urgent feelings I have felt. I knew I needed to ask him about baptism. I wasn't sure how to say it so I just said after the video, "Mack, during that video my heart was pounding and I feel that I need to ask you about something. I know you have been asked a lot and we have talked about it before, but how do you feel about being baptized by someone who holds  the priesthood authority of god?" It was quiet for a second and he said "well I've been thinking about it a lot lately. A lot more than I ever have in the past." We talked a lot more about it and then invited him to pray and ask if it is what he needs to do and when. The elders are going to follow up with him this week. I feel strongly that Mack is going to be ready to set a date and follow through. It was a neat experience, and he seemed to be more open and friendly after that. I remember leaving their house just feeling the spirit so strong those feeling I felt during that video was intense.

Then that night we received transfer calls and I am going to be getting transferred to Lancaster, South Carolina. It is a little Branch down there, and my companion will be Elder Buffaloe. So it should be a little warmer, but it's a full car area so it'll work out good! It hurt to hear that news even though I knew it would be coming. On Sunday I shared my testimony and I had it planned out in my head what I was going to say, and to make it just kind of easy going and not sad or anything. I got up there and looked at the people that I've served with for 7 months and it hurt. I said well the news I'm going to share will surprise y'all. Then just couldn't speak. It took me a good while before I could say anything after that. I don't really remember everything I said but I remember saying thanks for all they did, and that God is so aware of them and their families, and that I have felt the love of God for them. I shared my brief testimony of God and what I feel. Then sat back down. I'm not sure why I get choked up and do that when I get up there. I do know the spirit was there. The testimonies after that really touched me too. A few members talked about that a little. There was one quote that hit me. His name is Charlie Brown an older man ha. He said something to the effect of, "If the Savior stood up here I don't think there would be any difference in what we felt during Elder Cannons testimony." It was so humbling to hear things like that. I know how weak at speaking I am but people still feel something powerful. There is nothing other than God working through me with the spirit. It's such an amazing grateful feeling to know that he can use me. There's nothing He can't do. After the meeting a lot of them came up and gave hugs and talked about the memories and what not. These are great people. You really feel a lot of love for people when you serve them and with them, hear all of their family experiences, get to really know them personally, teach with them, teach them, and just labor with them. I feel so much.
Well I know that was a novel ha. It all built up to now. There was even more that has happened but I can't explain it all. I am nervous about the transfer, but I know that's normal. I can endure anything for the amount of time I have left ha. It'll work out. It'll be neat to see what God has in store for me in Lancaster South Carolina.
I also gave a letter and Book of Mormon to Tim from the Jones Center this morning. I have become very close with him. We really have such a strong friendship and bond. I poured my heart into that letter and said that this is what will give him that last little bit of peace in his life that he's looking for and to really listen to the missionaries. I put a lot more into it, but I hope and pray he will read and pray and meet with the missionaries. If not soon it'll happen some day. I'll also be delivering a wood Cannon to the Bradley boys tonight ha. They should like it! Today will be the last goodbyes and then back to work.
Jeff drew out the Cannon and I was going to have it for myself, but when I started wood burning it I thought the Bishop's son Drew who calls me Elder Cannonball would like it the most.   So I'm giving it to him tonight.

This was a pie that Sister Vindich made she also left a nice note. She is great!

It sounds like it has been a great week in Utah! I hope things keep going well for y'all! Thanks for all your support and prayers it Is felt.
I am still doing good and am happy! It's been a great time here in Mount Airy and I will miss them a lot.
Take care!
Elder Cannon

Here are some more random pictures:

Looks like the Sacred Grove

District Meeting

                                                      More of the beautiful countryside

It's a blurry picture but this is Tim we worked out with him this morning. He was a professional wrestler and one of the nicest guys I know. (He thought it would be funny if he had the little weights and we had the big ones, he can lift way way more than we can!)

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