Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, May 15, 2017

Life in South Carolina

Well it was great to skype y'all! That's crazy it's the last one and I'll be back in October. It is creeping up fast.
This week has been pretty crazy! There were a lot of great things that happened. I mentioned that a man Ramon is being baptized this Saturday. He is such a great humble man who has a desire to be with his dad again and get his life straight. His family is amazing too! They feed us every  ednesday! We are also starting to teach his nephew too Edwin and he wants to be baptized ha! We had The first lesson with him on Wednesday and after it he said so when do I have the interview to be baptized?  I've never had that happen before! but we are excited for him! He also has wanted to repent and change after the death of his grandpa. There's great things happening here!
It has been very different than Mount Airy.  The first few days I felt lost and kinda home sick for Mount Airy. I feel better now though! It is completely different though.   I like it! It has its own beauty and I'm happy to be here serving! I already have felt a lot for these people! I walked into the chapel here on like Thursday or something when my companion was in the bathroom, and I just had the spirit come over me and I felt good. There are great things that will happen here.
I'll be sure to send more next week! It was great to see everyone and remember I still have a family and people who love me ha! Thanks for all you do! Take care  Elder Cannon

Here is my new address:
439 Colonial Avenue Apartment D Lancaster, South Carolina 29720
Saying Goodbye to  Bishop's Bradley's family.

Saying goodbye to Jeff and his mom.  He is always pulling something.
First day in South Carolina.  Its pretty here.  Its just a few hours from the coast.

My new companion, Elder Buffaloe

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