Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ramon's Baptism

Well it's been a pretty eventful week this week!
To start off we had the baptism for Ramon Pestana on Saturday, and that was such a spiritual  experience. Just getting to know him for the last 2 weeks he is an amazing man who has a true desire to change his life. After he was baptized and came out of the water he was just crying and emotional. He shared his testimony at the end of the service and it was one of the most sincere heartfelt testimonies I've heard. He was in tears as he was talking about being able to return to his dad again. It was just amazing for everyone!
His nephew Edwin was at the baptism as well and he got to talk to President Alexander.  All he could say was that he wants to be baptized and be in Ramon's shoes. We were able to set a date for June 24th and he was way happy! We also set another date yesterday with Ramon's daughters boyfriend who just started investigating. His date is July 8th. They are both pretty excited about it, and are committed to do all they can to receive this covenant, so it's been a very exciting week! Things are looking well here and I'm excited for it!
It is heating up even more too I can't believe it's not even June yet it feels like the middle of summer!
Things are good though and I'm happy in this service! I love it! Have a great week! Take care!
Elder Cannon

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