Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Friday, June 16, 2017

Award for Cleanest apartment?

Well a lot has happened this week it has been pretty good ha! This will be a longer one.
We had a zone conference this week with the Alexanders and it was really good. He did a training on being personable missionaries and went through a list of 10 different traits or habits personable people have. Anyways the 3rd one was a personable person remembers things about you. Elder Richins was sitting next to me and kept saying I need to say something and that it'll make me famous. Eventually I did say something and I made a comment on that about listening to others. And then Elder Buffaloe made a comment a little after that about me, saying how I'm a good listener and all these things. I wasn't expecting that kind of attention, and I thought it was over. Then he got to the next point and it was on listening. He then said, "Elder Cannon come up here."  I was like oh shoot, and he put his arm around me and looked out at everyone and said Elder Cannon is one of the greatest listeners that I have met. He said a few other things but I just didn't like the attention ha. He then said, give us some advice on listening to people.  What do you do? And I didn't know what to say.   I said something to the effect of, I just don't talk as much, and I ask them questions about them. Or something like that. He said some other nice things but I for sure wasn't expecting that. I was just trying to be ambitious and say a comment, and it turned into all of that ha. President Alexander always has a way though of making me feel good about myself in every interview or time we see him. He is a really good man.

We had some more sad news with Edwin.  He kind of went off the deep end with progressing towards baptism. He got a girlfriend that has 3 kids, and just started to get really mean towards us swearing and what not. There are a lot of other things that have happened too. He just is a little confused.  I hope his eyes will be opened up soon.

Oh and then the other thing we had happen was Friday night our apartment flooded. We were cooking dinner and noticed our toilet downstairs started to bubble up, and I didn't think anything of if and kept cooking, but about 10 minutes later elder buffaloe came running out of the bathroom saying "oh crap!"( literally) gushing out of the toilet came musty poopy filled water, and it was chucking out. We got it turned off, but it flooded our whole kitchen, and into the carpet a little bit. As soon as I saw the toilet overflowing with nasty water I just started to laugh, because I knew our whole night was gone, and it would be spent cleaning now ha. We talked to the guys outside and they said there was a main sewer clog and that's why it flooded, but they didn't inform anyone not to flush. They then said that we are on our own, because they were already on overtime. ( that's what made it gross too was that it was everyone's waste that came shooting through our toilet), So they gave us a shop vac and headed out. We made a run to Walmart and got a ton of cleaning supplies, and cleaned it out for a few hours. We had to move all the appliances and clean  behind them too. The worst part is the carpet, we had fans running on it, but the sewage water soaked through and it wreaks now. They will probably have to change the carpet. It was quite the adventure. What made it funnier was that we won an award at zone conference for having the cleanest house in the mission. It was 2 days later that this happened.  It was a  curse. We are getting some good experience.

It has been a good week though.  We have been working hard to get a deeper teaching pool. We don't have many people after Jason. We have met some good people, and we hope to meet more. Jason is doing good and working towards the 24th still for his baptism. He is a great man and I'm excited for him!

Well a lot happened but it's been great, and I still feel really happy. I'm glad to be here. I feel a lot for these people, and a lot towards God. Oh also thank you for the package I really do appreciate it! It is awesome! Have a great week take care!
Elder Cannon
Being awarded the cleanest apartment awards

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