Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, June 26, 2017

Jason's Baptism

Hey! it's been a pretty good busy week!
Jason had his baptism on Saturday and that went really well. He was pretty nervous, but the spirit was strong and he looked happy. He shared his testimony about his relationship with God. He said at the beginning he didn't believe in God because of all he went through as a youth, but when he moved from his family and went into the marines that's where he started to feel Him in his life. He just shared a powerful testimony and story of how he came to feel Him and know that he's loved. Then he talked about having his eyes opened and learning more as he has been taking lessons. He has came a long ways and is a great man. I was really happy for him! He then got married the next day, and they are planning to be sealed all together in a year! I hope to be able to go to that.
So my new companion Elder Hurst is great! He has 3 months left on his mission so we are both old dogs ha. We get along really good though and are working hard. I feel like a lot happened, but I can't think of it all. We are having another activity today, so I don't have time to type it out longer but I'm still doing great and am a happy camper! I love these people here. There is a special feeling at church each week, and being around them! I am happy and love serving them and God.
Have a great week, take care!
Elder Cannon

This was on our way home from picking up Elder Hurst.  It was nice of a member to drive us and feed us lunch.

Here is a park near our house that was flooded-it rains a ton here!

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